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Susanne Sokolow

Susanne Sokolow

Academic Research Staff
Senior Research Scientist - Basic Life
I am a disease ecologist and veterinarian at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station and an Associate Fellow at Stanford's Center for Innovation in Global Health. I am interested in environmental drivers of infectious disease and creative solutions to protect the health of people and the planet.

Current projects include:
Dams and disease: win-win ecological solutions to reduce human schistosomiasis burdens and restore fisheries

Environmentally mediated disease transmission: novel technologies for environmental diagnostics and ecological interventions to achieve disease control

Interlinkages among human health and ecosystem integrity: Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) 3 'human health and wellbeing,' and SDGs 14 and 15 'Life on land and below water.'

As Executive Director of Stanford's new Program for Disease Ecology, Health and the Environment, I am helping to build a growing interdisciplinary community at Stanford and beyond interested in discovering and promoting ecological solutions to disease that lead to improved human health and a more sustainable use of the natural environment. As part of this new research program, I founded The Upstream Alliance: a research initiative joining partners across the globe for ecological solutions to reduce the parasitic disease: schistosomiasis, which affects more than 250 million people worldwide.