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Madhur Boloor

RELP Cohort: 2017
Materials Science and Engineering
School: Engineering

Madhur Boloor is a Ph.D. candidate in the Materials Science and Engineering department at Stanford University, and a member of the Chueh Group. His current research is focused on exploring innovative ways to convert solar energy to hydrogen fuel by harnessing the optical and thermal energy of concentrated sunlight to split water molecules. This work, funded by the Global Climate and Energy Project, aims to demonstrate to the research community that elevated temperature can actually assist in achieving efficient and inexpensive solar water splitting. Madhur and his colleagues have successfully observed enhancements with even small increases in temperature, and are currently optimizing a novel device design that can operate at temperatures up to 400?C. Additionally, he is beginning work on a techno-economic analysis of this new device design to better understand how various parameters can influence the overall cost of hydrogen production.

Prior to joining Stanford, Madhur worked on a variety of research projects focused on renewable energy. In 2011, he worked as an electrochemistry intern at Primus Power, a flow battery company working on grid-scale energy storage, where he conducted electrode corrosion and reliability testing. In 2010, Madhur was an undergraduate research assistant at UC Berkeley, where he worked in the Ramesh Group to synthesize and characterize thin film photovoltaics.

Madhur received his B.S. in Materials Science and Engineering from U.C. Berkeley in 2012, and graduated with the Department Achievement Award. Since enrolling at Stanford, Madhur has been actively involved with tutoring in the community, served as co-president of the Stanford Energy Club, and has been awarded with the National Science Foundation Fellowship.