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D'Arcy Seamon

Engineering, Stanford Doerr School of Sustainability

D’Arcy Seamon is a second-year master’s student in energy sciences engineering at Stanford University. Her research and academic interests focus on addressing technological and policy challenges in difficult to decarbonize energy sectors with an emphasis on energy storage and hydrogen technology. Her primary research with the Chueh Lab is centered on understanding lithium-ion battery degradation in electric vehicles. Her project is focused on validating data-driven models that determine causes of battery degradation by experimentally breaking down the battery to view specific causes of degradation within the cell.

D’Arcy has conducted several projects with the Stanford Hydrogen Initiative and co-authored the Initiative’s ‘Decarbonizing Heavy Duty Transport’ brief focused on the future hydrogen market in California. Her work has extended to assess the severity of fugitive hydrogen emissions and to identify the most promising solutions for industry to adopt to address these emissions. D’Arcy is involved with the hydrogen community on campus through her role as co-president of the Stanford Hydrogen Club and is an active member of the broader climate tech community at Stanford.

D'Arcy grew up in Cambridge, England, and spent her summers in the mountains of the Pacific Northwest where she gained a love and appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our climate. She moved to Stanford for her undergraduate degree in engineering physics with a focus in electromechanical systems design.