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Bushra Bataineh

RELP Cohort: 2015

Bushra Bataineh is a PhD student in the Civil and Environmental Engineering department at Stanford University. Her research focuses on innovative project delivery mechanisms for water infrastructure worldwide. Her current research, conducted under the Global Projects Center at Stanford, is on private sector participation in water infrastructure projects in developing countries and the emergence of local private sector players. She is also analyzing cases of water sector public private partnerships in the United States in order to draw lessons learned with regards to innovative financial structuring.

Prior to joining Stanford, Bushra worked on an array of water-related projects in Jordan aimed at addressing various facets of the water crisis facing the country. Her work included preparation of a bid for a multi-billion dollar water project with conveyance, desalination, and hydropower components, reorganization and expansion of a leading agricultural initiative, and development of water use efficiency plans for several governorates under a USAID program for water demand management in Jordan.

Bushra served as research assistant for Stanfords Water in the West program where she focused on assessing the role of hydrologic data in the groundwater adjudication process, helping lay the groundwork for the interdisciplinary Groundwater Dispute Resolution Workshop at Stanford in 2014. Bushra also served as research coordinator for the Stanford Global Freshwater Initiative Jordan Water Project where she focused on engaging and developing key relationships with stakeholders in the region. Bushra completed a masters degree in environmental fluid mechanics and hydrology from Stanford University in 2014 and a bachelors degree in hydrologic sciences and policy from the University of California, Santa Barbara in 2010.