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Angelina Sanderson Bellamy

RELP Cohort: 2013
Environmental Earth System Science

Angelina Bellamy has a PhD from Stockholm University’s Department of Systems Ecology, with a focus on sustainable agriculture. Angelina is passionate about issues of land use change and policy, in particular the role of agricultural intensification and environmental and socio-economic impacts of different agricultural technologies, and tropical deforestation in future climate policy regimes (REDD+). Angelina’s PhD research examined the sustainability of banana and coffee systems in Costa Rica. Her previous research work has given her extensive experience with interview studies (over 300 interviews with farmers and others working in agriculture) and field sampling (avian, insect, water and soil sampling). Angelina has conducted research over the last 13 years in Costa Rica and has become very familiar with the cultural nuances of the people and developed a large network of contacts there.

Angelina has worked extensively in agricultural issues, ranging from conducting field research on management practices in export crops in Costa Rica, to initiating an organic agriculture project at the World Bank with travel to Cuba to meet stakeholders, to reviewing literature about small farmers’ vulnerability to climate change for the Stockholm Environment Institute. Angelina received the Goldman Award for excellence in research and fieldwork for her undergraduate thesis at Stanford University and graduated with honors in Human Biology. Angelina is an appreciated lecturer and has successfully supervised many master student theses. She enjoys working with people and brings enthusiasm and intellectual curiosity to every project in which she engages.

When at home, Angelina enjoys spending time with her husband, 4 year-old son, 3 year-old daughter and cocker spaniel. She enjoys gardening, cooking and exercising. In 2011, she completed the Swedish Women’s Classic, which consists of a 30km cross-country ski event, 100km biking event, 1 km up-river swim event and a 10 km terrain run event. While Angelina grew up in southern California, she spent the last eleven years living in Sweden and now has dual US-Swedish citizenship. English is her mother tongue, but she can also speak Spanish and Swedish fluently.