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An Analysis of the Demand for the Proposed International Airport

One key factor that will influence the future of the Osa and Golfito region is whether the proposed international airport in Palmar will be constructed. Civil Aviation is undertaking a series of studies to analyze the environmental impact and feasibility of the construction of this airport. An INOGO case study evaluates questions that largely remain unanswered: What is the demand for this airport and what are the primary motivations for the construction of the airport?

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Pathways to Improving Social and Economic Development in the Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve

The Golfo Dulce Forest Reserve, like many other forest reserves within Costa Rica, is inhabited by a significant number of people. Law restricts the activities of those living in the forest reserve, therefore reserve residents must follow different pathways to development than neighbors outside of the reserve. This case study aims to explore the options available to people living in the forest reserve under the existing Costa Rican law. The analysis will be undertaken with the goal of making recommendations to facilitate increased access to economic opportunities for those living in the reserve.

An Overview of the Potential Impacts of the Diquis Hydroelectric Dam Project

The Diquis Hydroelectric Dam currently planned for the region is another key factor that will influence the future of the region. Numerous studies are currently underway on different aspects of this projects potential impact, and this case study aims to synthesize and analyze the results of these studies. In addition, this case study will have a specific emphasis on the potential impact on the Terraba Sierpe Wetlands, and the marine life that is supported by these wetlands. This case study will also evaluate any design or operational changes that could decrease the impact on the wetlands.