Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Conservation Collaboration

What can global leaders and influencers from business, civil society and the public sector do to conserve the ocean?

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Pacific Ocean

California Utilities

Given looming wildfire lawsuits, can California utilities afford a new plan to spend $768 million on electric vehicle infrastructure?

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Carbon Capture

New financial incentives create opportunity for carbon capture and sequestration from U.S. biofuel production.

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United States

Climate Economics

Meeting global emissions goals agreed to in the UN Paris Agreement could save trillions of dollars, according to Stanford study.

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Stanford, Calif.

School Solution

What does a pig tapeworm have to do with learning impairments and poverty in the developing world?

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Wester Sichuan Province, China

Water Wars

Splitting California into three different states would mean endless water wars explains Stanford's Buzz Thompson in an op-ed in the LA Times.