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New Insights and Discoveries at AGU 2020

A starry night sky; AGU Fall Meeting, Shaping the Future of Science, December 1-17, 2020

Though the pandemic has impacted conferences and travel, groundbreaking science is continuing. Thousands of researchers across the world are gathering for the first virtual American Geophysical Union (AGU) annual fall meeting to share new findings  on climate change, groundwater resources and more. After a week of panels, workshops, and innovative events, the scientitific program will continue December 7 – 17.  Stanford faculty, students and scholars are presenting their work along with fellow scientists and researchers from various disciplines in the earth and planetary sciences. Though researchers will be participating from home, the virtual format seeks to continue the exchange of ideas, interdisciplinary collaborations, and discussions of solutions to the world’s most pressing environmental challenges rthat characterize the AGU annual meeting, the largest gathering of earth and space scientists in the world.

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Monday, December 7, 2020 

Oral Presentations

04:13 - 04:16 | A Decision-Centered Method to Evaluate Natural Hazards Decision Aids by Interdisciplinary Research Teams - Gabrielle Wong-Parodi

05:34 - 05:38 | Automating the Inference of Asteroid Physical Properties and Motion (Invited) - Ana M Tarano

05:35 - 05:40 | Lessons Learned from the 2020 Distributed Acoustic Sensing (DAS) Virtual Workshop - Nathaniel J Lindsey

05:50 - 05:54 | Morphologic Analysis of Eolian Bedforms on Mars using Fully Convolutional Instance Segmentation Networks - Lior Rubanenko

07:04 - 07:08 | Constraints and enablers for increasing carbon storage in the terrestrial biosphere - Connor Nolan

07:15 - 07:20 | Single-thread rivers in barren landscapes: Formation, lateral migration, and deposits of pre-Silurian and ancient Martian rivers (Invited) - Mathieu Gaetan Andre Lapotre

16:28 - 16:32 | Estimating neutral density of the thermosphere from meteor trajectories - Nicolas Lee

19:08 - 19:12 | The Interplay between Capillarity and Wettability in Pinch-off Phenomenon - Soheil Esmaeilzadeh

20:34 - 20:38 | Properties of the Sun’s Giant Cellular Flows and their Implications for the Sun’s Activity Cycle - David H Hathaway

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Dynamically Optimizing Radar Sounder Sampling Based on Estimated Uncertainty in Bed Topography - Thomas Teisberg View Poster

Assessing the phylogenetic diversity of nifH-containing organisms at deep-sea methane seeps and non-seep sediments - Mikaela Salvador View Poster

 Investigating Correlations Between Urban Tree Cover and CalEnviroScreen 3.0 Screening Tool - Mireille Vargas View Poster

Settling Velocity Observations in a Shallow Estuary: Deviations from Rouse Dynamics - Galen Egan View Poster

Ecosystem services of forest restoration in the Western U.S.: a synthesis of benefits to enable financing - Kimberly Quesnel View Poster

Temporal Evolution of the Sun’s Meridional Circulation During Solar Cycle 24 - Ruizhu Chen View Poster

Using New Acoustically-Derived Solar Far-Side Magnetic-Flux Maps for Data Assimilation in Flux Transport Models - Shea A. Hess Webber View Poster

COFFIES – Developing a Reliable Physical Model of the Solar Activity Cycle - J Todd Hoeksema View Poster

Understanding Solar Cycle Magnetic Evolution with Properties of Solar Active Regions - Yang Liu View Poster

Three Centuries of Sunspot Group Numbers with Monthly Resolution - Leif Svalgaard View Poster

Climate for Data Scientists: Leveraging Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Expertise to Provide Decision Support Tools in a Changing Climate - Brian Reed View Poster

Illuminating Kilauea’s magmatic plumbing system: physics-based modeling of post 2018 simultaneous inflation and deflation - Taiyi Wang View Poster

Petrophysical Changes In Cemented-Ash Formations Due To Calcium Rich Fluid-Rock Interactions: An Experimental Study. - Jackson MacFarlane View Poster

Don't forget to check out last week's events:  
Global Environmental Measurement and Monitoring Technologies: Current Capabilities and Future Needs (with Tom Baer and Newsha Ajami)
Picture a Scientist Discussion Session I (Watch video of dicussion featuring Jane Willenbring)
Climate Change and the Coronavirus: Promoting Emerging Leaders Through Crucial Conversations (Watch video of talk by Marshall Burke)
The COVID-19 Shock As a Window into the Earth System (with Noah Diffenbaugh, Inês Azevedo, and Kari Nadeau)
Navigating a Nonacademic Research Career: Gain Tips and Insights on How to Stand Out from the Crowd (with Newsha Ajami)

Tuesday, December 8, 2020 

Oral Presentations

05:46 - 05:50 | Climate change attribution during and following Hurricane Irma: The role of direct physical storm and media exposures (Invited) - Gabrielle Wong-Parodi

05:48 - 05:58 | Radar Characterization of Ice Crystal Orientation Fabric and Anisotropic Rheology within an Antarctic Ice Stream (Invited) - Thomas Jordan

10:36 - 10:42 |The Unique and Essential Benefits of a High-Latitude Vantage Point (Invited) - J Todd Hoeksema

16:02 - 16:06 | Effect of Porosity and Permeability Enhancement in Injection-Induced Aseismic Slip - Yuyun Yang

20:34 - 20:38 | Falsifying Hypotheses for the Origin of a Fractured Bedrock Zone With Geophysical Data - Alex Miltenberger

20:42 - 20:46 | Spatial patterns in smallholder crop yield uncertainty identify priority intervention areas - Sarah Fletcher

20:54 - 20:58 | A Data-Driven, Single Column Gravity Wave Parameterization in an Idealized Model - Zac Espinosa

21:12 - 21:16 | A data-driven system for mineral exploration decision-making using value of information and Modern Portfolio Theory - Tyler Hall

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Spontaneous Formation of an Internal Shear Band Facilitates the Flow-to-sliding Transition on Rough Beds Suggesting an Alternative Sliding Law - Emma Liu View Poster

Interpreting Parameter Interactions using Global Sensitivity Analysis on a Hillslope-scale Reactive Transport Model - Zach Perzan View Poster

Uncertainty quantification of lithofacies trends from seismic and borehole data - David Zhen Yin View Poster

Altimetry from Planetary Radar Sounders (Invited) - Gregor Steinbrügge View Poster

Passive radar investigations of Io using Jupiter’s radio emissions as a source for echo detection - Sean Thomas Peters View Poster

A Survey of Computational Tools in Solar Physics - Monica Bobra View Poster

The Sun's Meridional-Flow Measurements from Out-of-Ecliptic Observations - Junwei Zhao View Poster

Short‐Term Probabilistic Hazard Assessment in Regions of Induced Seismicity - Ganyu Teng View Poster

A High-Resolution Decadal Earthquake Catalog for Oklahoma: Development and Interpretation - Yongsoo Park View Poster

Seismic monitoring with downhole DAS – examples from the FORGE Enhanced Geothermal System project - Ariel Lellouch View Poster

Fault Mapping In Texas’ Delaware Basin from Sentinel-1 InSAR Ground Displacement Measurements and Induced-Earthquake Focal Mechanisms - Karissa Pepin View Poster

Managing hydraulic fracturing induced earthquake nuisance and damage risks - Ryan Schultz View Poster

On the Depth of Earthquakes in the Delaware Basin – A Case Study along the Reeves-Pecos County line - Yixiao Sheng View Poster

Pore pressure and stress constraints on induced seismicity in the Delaware Basin: Implications for maximum earthquake magnitudes - Noam Zach Dvory View Poster

The Midland – Odessa earthquakes: An integrated study characterizing a series of recent earthquakes in west Texas - Ankush Singh View Poster

Deep learning for label-scarce remote sensing applications (Invited) - Sherrie Wang View Poster

Ecosystem respiration in peatlands: a global quantitative review (Invited) - Avni Malhotra View Poster

Capturing Uncertainty And Preserving Geological Realism with Attentive Neural Processes for Subsurface Property Modeling - Anatoly Aseev View Poster

Wednesday, December 9, 2020 

Oral Presentations

04:20 - 04:24 | Examining adaptive migration thresholds in the context of rapid-onset climate hazards - Nina Berlin Rubin

07:33 - 07:36 | Pertenecer/YouBelong: Introducing academic and geoscience careers to youth from under-served communities - Shersingh Joseph Tumber-Davila

16:02 - 16:06 | The influence of drainage canals on subsidence in Southeast Asian peatlands (Invited) - Alexandra G Konings

16:02 - 16:06 |  Ambient Noise Differential Adjoint Tomography Applied to a 2D Dense Array - Xin Liu

16:27 - 16:30 | InSAR Geodesy and Volcanoes: 2020 - Howard A Zebker

17:34 - 17:38 | The Rock Physics of Fibrous Rocks: Chemo-Mechanical Interactions Controlling Rheological Properties - Tiziana Vanorio

17:57 - 18:00 | Fiber-optic DAS sensing of transportation patterns during the COVID-19 pandemic in Palo Alto, CA (Invited) - Nathaniel J Lindsey

19:08 - 19:12 | FLUXNET-CH4 and seasonality of methane emissions from freshwater wetlands - Kyle B Delwiche

20:38 - 20:42 | Broadband Reception of Quasi Field-aligned ‘Boomerang’ Echoes of In-situ Injected VLF Pulses on the DSX Spacecraft - Dave Lauben

20:46 - 20:50 | Quantifying succession and ecosystem service recovery in California’s altered wildfire regime - Kyle S Hemes

21:23 - 21:27 | Measurements of Three-dimensional Transient Dispersion in the Urban Canopy using Magnetic Resonance Imaging: A Green's Function Approach - Andrew Banko

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Upscaling FLUXNET-CH4: Data-driven model performance, predictors, and regional to global methane emission estimates for freshwater wetlands - Gavin McNicol View Poster

Scaling Up Rice Methane Fluxes in Monsoon Asia Through Data-Driven Model - Zutao Yang View Poster

Climate Impacts of Methane Removal - Sam Abernethy View Poster

Archival Radar Echo Sounding Observations of Multi-Decadal Subsurface Changes Along the East Antarctic Coast - Angelo Tarzona View Poster

Simulation of flexural-gravity wave response of Antarctic ice shelves to tsunami and ocean wave impacts - Nurbek Tazhimbetov View Poster

Multi-depth multi-focusing SAR algorithm - Ettore Biondi View Poster

Seasonal and Latitudinal Variability of the Gravity Wave Spectrum in the Lower Stratosphere - Erik Anders Lindgren View Poster

Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Republic of Mauritius: A Case Study integrating perceptions of fisheries restrictions and collaborative partnerships to support future MPA creation and implementation - Josheena Naggea View Poster

Extracting continuous time series from scanned images of WWSSN seismograms using deep learning: Application to tropical storms - Robert Yang View Poster

Coherent low frequency seismic signatures of unsteady eruptions predicted from conduit flow models - Katherine Coppess View Poster

Experimental Study of Particle Aggregation in a Humid and Turbulent Environment - Davis Hoffman View Poster

Severe weather-related deaths, stress, and incidence of cardiovascular ailments in U.S. community-based samples after Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and Michael - Nina Berlin Rubin View Poster

Data-driven Reduced Order Modeling for Reactive Transport in Nuclear Waste Repository Assessments - Hannah Lu View Poster

Deep Bayesian Techniques to Nearshore Bathymetry with Sparse Measurements - Yizhou Qian View Poster

Thursday, December 10, 2020 

Oral Presentations

04:26 - 04:30 | Foreshock Cascades to Failure - William L Ellsworth

16:30 - 16:35 | Comparison of techniques for coupled earthquake and tsunami modeling - Lauren S Abrahams

17:30 - 17:34 | Eruption forensics: Deciphering the imprint left by the conduit-flow regime on individual crystals through multi-scale, multi-physics models (Invited) - Jenny Suckale

17:50 - 17:53 | Predicting water quality across US watersheds using a time-series deep learning model - Kuai Fang

19:16 - 19:20 | Middle Miocene continental temperature and precipitation changes recorded in paleosol carbonates (a transatlantic approach) (Invited) - Katharina Methner

19:28 - 19:32 | Heterogeneity in crystal zonation records variability in the crystal settling dynamics - Cansu Culha

20:46 - 20:50 | S034-04 Ascending Fluids and Overpressure Pulses on Faults Drive Aseismic Slip and Swarm Seismicity - Eric M Dunham

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Perceived changes in household resource consumption during the COVID-19 pandemic: Results from an online survey - Ranjitha Shivaram View Poster

DeepWaste: Applying Deep Learning to Waste Classification for a Sustainable Planet - Yash Narayan View Poster

Identifying Driving Factors of Extinction and Body Size for Molluscs During the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction - Adarsh Ambati View Poster

Squids, Snails, and Shellfish: How Oxygen Affected Molluscan Body Size in the Ordovician - Jonathan Chen View Poster

Testing the Relationship of Brachiopod Body Size and Oxygen Levels during the Late Ordovician Mass Extinction - Rishi Jain View Poster

Stochastic Capacity Loss and Remaining Useful Life Models for Lithium-ion Batteries in Electric Vehicles - Andrew Chu View Poster

Beyond Lights: The Changing Impact of Rural Electrification on Indian Agriculture - Sudatta Ray

Development of a Remote-Sensing-Based Method to Monitor Changes in Groundwater Storage - Aakash Ahamed View Poster

Melt Inclusions Indicate Magma Mixing in the Conduits of Persistently Degassing Volcanoes - Zihan Wei View Poster

Gas slug ascent in bidirectional conduit flow - Zhipeng Qin View Poster

Stress-driven catastrophic failure of volcanic conduits in explosive eruptions - Benjamin Mullet View Poster

Long-term late Holocene cliff retreat rate in Del Mar, California revealed from shore platform 10Be concentrations and numerical modeling - Travis Wellington Clow View Poster

Friday, December 11, 2020 

Oral Presentations

05:42 - 05:46 | Uncertainy in the Energy-Water Climate Impacts: Review and Recommendations -Jill Horing

07:24 - 07:28 | A framework for understanding and modelling the links between food, water and energy in the rapidly urbanizing city of Pune, India - Anjuli Jain Figueroa

11:02 - 11:05 | Characterizing Soil Drying Rates in Tropical Peatlands - Nathan Dadap

17:42 - 17:46 | Using Taxonomically-Informed Convolutional Neural Networks To Predict Plant Biodiversity Across California From High-Resolution Satellite Imagery Data - Lauren Gillespie

18:02 - 18:06 | Impacts and Equity in Pune, India’s Potential 24x7 Piped Water Supply System - Shridhar Athinarayanan

19:12 - 19:16 | An Observational Study of Stratospheric Gravity Waves Associated with Rapidly Intensifying Tropical Cyclones - Ipshita Dey

19:24 - 19:28 | Uncertainty assessment of hydrogeological structures combining geophysical survey and geological knowledge: A stochastic level set optimization framework - Lijing Wang

20:48 - 20:51 | What is different about different net-zero carbon electricity systems? - Ejeong Baik

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Deriving a global infant mortality pollution response curve for developing countries - Sam Heft-Neal View Poster

Does the Inertial Wave in an Axisymmetric Tropical Cyclone Rectify its Thermodynamic Behavior? - Laurel Regibeau-Rockett View Poster

Tropical Cyclone Frequency under Varying SSTs in Aquaplanet Simulations - Adam Burnett View Poster

Integrating earth observations and biodiversity data to predict nature-based across Costa Rica - Jeffrey R Smith View Poster

Using Satellite-based Ecosystem Functional Types to Map Biodiversity Patterns and Improve Ecosystem Service Models - Lingling Liu View Poster

Machine Learning-based Methane Flux Projections at selected sites in the Northern Hemisphere - Sarah Feron View Poster

Targeting Riparian Reforestation to Enhance Ecosystem Services: The Case of Costa Rica - Kelley Langhans View Poster

Sustaining Upper Colorado River flows through optimal environmental water rights marketing - Philip James Womble View Poster

Assessing Compound Flood Hazard Risk for the San Francisco Bay Area - Laura Davey View Poster

Enhanced Abyssal Mixing in the Equatorial Pacific Associated with Non-Traditional EffectsBertrand Delorme View Poster

Above or Below the Moho? Contentious Southern East African Rift System Earthquakes - Kimberly Espinal View Poster

Above or Below the Moho? Depth analysis of continental U.S. earthquakes using Sn/Lg ratio - Brian Chen View Poster

Earthquake Occurrence and Reoccurrence at Intermediate Depth in the Bucaramanga Nest, Colombia - Albert Aguilar

Mesozoic Decratonization of the North China Craton Triggered by Dehydration of the Pacifc Slab - Lin Liu View Poster

Monday, December 14, 2020 

Oral Presentations

04:16 - 04:20 | Plant volumetric allometry and shape above- and belowground - Shersingh Joseph Tumber-Davila

07:10 - 07:12 | Impact of urbanization on the relationship between antecedent precipitation and landslides: evidence from the San Francisco Bay Area - Elizabeth C Johnston

07:18 - 07:22 | What is the lifetime of drought-related water savings? Measuring rebound with survival models - Jose Bolorinos

08:54 - 08:58 | The Increasingly Moisture-Dominated Flavor of US West Coast Atmospheric Rivers - Katerina R Gonzales

10:08 - 10:12 | Upscaling Reactive Transport in Fractured Shales by Deep Learning - Ziyan Wang

10:12 - 10:16 | Impact of COVID-19 Driven Mobility Changes and Heat Extremes on Mortality in the United States - Amina Ly

10:24 - 10:28 | Effects of supercritical CO2 on matrix permeability of unconventional formations - Arash Kamali Asl

16:16 - 16:20 | Understanding the Impacts of Climate Change on “Billion-dollar Disaster” Precipitation Events in the United States - Frances V Davenport

20:50 - 20:54 | Using microwave remote sensing of vegetation water content to understand ecosystem-scale responses to drought (Invited) - Alexandra  Konings

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Quantifying Soil Carbon Protection by Anaerobic Microsites - Emily M M Lacroix View Poster

Understanding Spatial Variations in Maximum Stomatal Conductance - Olivia Flournoy View Poster

 Understanding the Changing Timber Harvest on Private Forestland in California - Gillian Roy View Poster

Closing the gap: Explaining persistent underestimation of US oil and natural gas production methane inventories - Jeffrey Rutherford View Poster

Quantifying methane emissions from oil and gas operations in the New Mexican Permian Basin with airplane-based hyperspectral detection - Yuanlei Chen View Poster

Should India move towards vehicle electrification? Assessing life-cycle greenhouse gas and criteria air pollutant emissions of alternative and conventional fuel vehicles in India - Tapas Peshin View Poster

Leveraging Mobile Device Location and Administrative Data to Predict Localized Covid-19 Surges in the San Francisco Bay Area, CA - Derek Ouyang

Optimizing contact tracing policies to intervene in the spread of COVID-19 in San Francisco, CA - Cansu Culha View Poster

Predicting environmental factors governing regional groundwater uranium contamination - Alandra M Lopez View Poster

Operationalizing multi-benefit robust spatial planning under deep uncertainties - Xiaogang He View Poster

Characterizing Spatial Distributions of Fracture Apertures on Heterogeneous Rock Cores Using Positron Emission Tomography - Takeshi Kurotori View Poster

Examining the Structure of Supercritical COusing X-ray Raman Spectroscopy and Atomistic Scale Modeling - Priyanka Muhunthan View Poster

Imaging Mass Transfer in Nanoporous Shale Using AI Tools for Improving X-ray CT Scan Resolution - Yulman Perez Claro View Poster

Improved Visualization of Reactive Transport Dynamics in Fractured Shales using Computed Tomography and Deep Learning Super Resolution - Manju Pharkavi Murugesu View Poster

Minkowski Functionals For Phase Behavior Under Confinement - Arnout Boelens View Poster

Multiscale Investigation of Reactive Fluid Transport Characteristics in Unconventional Shales - Asli Gundogar View Poster

Pore-Network Modeling of Reactive Transport and the Use of Statistical Data Analysis to Classify Dissolution Regimes - Barbara de Farias Esteves View Poster

Rapid Synthesis of Porous Media Volumes with Deep Learning Generative Models - Timothy Anderson View Poster

Storage Capacity, Sorption and Mass Transfer in Shale - Filip Simeski View Poster

Stress, seismicity, and microseismic source mechanisms at the Hydraulic Fracture Test Site-1 in the Midland Basin, TX - Arjun H Kohli View Poster

tau-SIMPLE algorithm for the closure problem in homogenization of Stokes flows - Bowen Ling View Poster

Theoretical Study of Mixing and Fluid Miscibility in Microchannels - Timothy Dai View Poster

Three-Dimensional Source Rock Image Reconstruction through Multimodal Imaging - Anthony R Kovscek View Poster

Towards a Streamlines Method for the In-Situ Combustion Process Simulation - Luiz Sampaio View Poster

Recharge Assessment Using Surface Geophysics and Cone Penetrometer Testing - Meredith Goebel View Poster

Building a resistivity atlas in the Central Valley of California - Gordon Osterman View Poster

Targeted inversion of airborne electromagnetic data to inform the development of a groundwater model: Example from the Kaweah Subbasin, California - Seogi Kang View Poster

From the Mantle to the Upper Crust: Migrating Volcanic Earthquakes After the 2009 Harrat Lunayyir Dike Intrusion, Saudi Arabia - Alexander Robert Blanchette View Poster

Radiometric calibration and analysis of radar sounding observations of ice-sheet subsurface conditions from archival film records - Dustin Schroeder View Poster

Tuesday, December 15, 2020 

Oral Presentations

05:34 - 05:38 | Stick-Slip at the Kilometer Scale: Estimating Rate and State Friction Parameters from Modeling Repeated Caldera Collapse Events at Kīlauea Volcano in 2018 - Paul Segall

05:35 - 05:38 | Fossil Fuel and Global Warming Politics: Latest Developments in Historical Research (Invited) - Benjamin Franta

11:30 - 11:34 | An Automated Approach to Processing and Detection of Artifacts in Phase-Sensitive Ice Penetrating Radar Data - Akua McLeod 

11:34 - 11:38 | Building a Platform to Communicate Long-Term Climate Projections and Climate Analogs - Christopher Cross

11:46 - 11:50 | Extreme Melt Season Ice Layers Reduce Firn Permeability in Greenland’s Interior - Riley Culberg

17:46 - 17:50 | Understanding the Link Between Changing Head Levels and Land Subsidence: A Field Experiment in California’s San Joaquin Valley - Matthew Lees

17:50 - 17:54 | Biome- to global-scale controls over soil carbon storage: divergence in observations and process-based models - Katerina Georgiou

20:40 - 20:45 | Geogenic metals in drinking water in California and risk of spontaneous preterm birth - Allison Sherris

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Towards an Integrated Understanding of Soil-Microbe-Fungi Interactions in the Rhizosphere using Novel Sample Approaches and Synchrotron X-ray Fluorescence Imaging - Jocelyn Richardson View Poster

Soil Organic Matter Stabilization in Floodplain Soils: Role of Particulate Terminal Electron Acceptors - Meret Aeppli View Poster

Science Education for Scientific Literacy: Involving Students in Citizen Science Initiatives - Paige Yeung View Poster

Hybrid Machine Learning Framework for Analyzing and Optimizing Real-time Soil Moisture Sensor Arrays - Weiyu Li View Poster

Integrating climate change into groundwater sustainability planning: challenges and opportunities for climate informed groundwater management in California - Courtney Hammond Wagner View Poster

Magnetic Signatures of Sympathetic Flares - Lucas Pauker View Poster

Improving Radiometric Resolution for High Fidelity Measurements of Subglacial Conditions - Anna Broome View Poster

Design of Direct Path Synchronized Bistatic Radar Technique for Long Offset Glacial Temperature Tomography - Nicole Bienert View Poster

Subglacial Lake-Floor Characterization in Radar Data: From Archival to Modern - Annabel Conger View Poster

Super-resolution of Solar Magnetograms - Paul James Wright View Poster

When Floods Hit the Road: Resilience to Flood-Related Traffic Disruption in the San Francisco Bay Area and Beyond (Invited) - Indraneel Kasmalkar View Poster

The resilience of Amazon tree cover to past and present drying (Invited) - Tyler Kukla View Poster

Incorporating Urban Form Dynamics into Water Demand Management (Invited) - Newsha Ajami View Poster

Wednesday, December 16, 2020 

Oral Presentations

04:10 - 04:15 | Understanding the Effects of Wildfire Smoke Exposure on Student Test Performance in the US - Jeff Wen

05:42 - 05:46 | Midwest US croplands determine model divergence in North American carbon fluxes - Wu Sun

05:44 - 05:48 | Full waveform inversion by model extension - Guillaume Barnier

05:50 - 05:54 | Optimal model complexity for terrestrial carbon cycle prediction using model-data fusion - Caroline Famiglietti

10:00 - 10:05 | Bridging Earthquakes and Mountain Building in the Santa Cruz Mountains, CA - Curtis William Baden

10:24 - 10:27 | Non-Gaussian Scattering Models for Persistent Scatterer Detection - Stacey Huang

11:40 - 11:45 | Revisiting the Timpson Induced Earthquake Sequence: A System of Two Parallel Faults - Kaiwen Wang

17:32 - 17:36 | Selection of CyberShake Simulated Ground Motion Time Series for Engineering Analysis (Invited) - Jack W Baker

17:34 - 17:38 | Climate change and management decisions could transfer flood risk to socioeconomically disadvantaged communities along the San Francisquito Creek, California - Katherine Serafin

17:46 - 17:50 |  Identifying Key Damage Drivers of Atmospheric River-Induced Flooding in Northern California - Corinne Bowers

19:24 - 19:28 | Quantifying Subglacial Hydrologic Uncertainty with Stochastic Simulation - Emma Mackie

19:28 - 19:32 | Using Self-Organizing Maps to Classify and Investigate Atlantic Jet Regimes and Their Response to Forcing - Michael Goss

Poster Presentations | 04:00 - 20:59 |

Regional Respiration Responses to Historical CO2 Fertilization in a Data Assimilation Framework - Gregory Ross Quetin View Poster

Processed-Based Models in the Wild: A Forward Model Approach to Constraining the Processes Governing Basal Strength at Thwaites Glacier - Paul Summers View Poster

Investigating Basal Thaw as a Mechanism of Ice Mass Loss in Antarctica - Eliza Dawson View Poster

A General Approach to Seismic Inversion with Automatic Differentiation and Neural Networks - Weiqiang Zhu View Poster

New insights into community-scale changes in shorefast sea ice from satellite remote sensing - Sarah W Cooley View Poster

Submarine waveform field records enhanced frequency of sediment transport events during the Pleistocene, offshore Morro Bay, California - Stephen Cole Dobbs View Poster

Cloud Water Interception across Elevation and Forest Structure Gradients in Leeward Kohala, Hawaiʻi - Michael Walter Burnett View Poster

Revealing the Real Onshore Potential: A Socio-Technical Wind Atlas for the United States and India - Anna-Katharina von Krauland View Poster

Spatiotemporally Reconstructing Free Surfaces - Saksham Gakhar View Poster

Remote Summer Research Experience For High School Students: Testing the Relationship Between Body Size and the Probabilities of Extinction and Origination of Ordovician Marine Animals - Pedro Monarrez View Poster

Thursday, December 17, 2020 

Oral Presentations

04:20 - 04:24 | Challenges on Mercury’s interior structure - Gregor Steinbrügge

07:40 - 07:45 | Flood-related Accidents in Suburbia: The Far-reaching Impacts of Coastal Flooding on Non-Highway Car Accidents in the San Francisco Bay Area - Indraneel Kasmalkar

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