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March 7, 2020 | Center for Ocean Solutions
Issue: March 2020
Study addresses inequalities in a variety of marine sectors, and suggests a way forward for achieving sustainability via global policy.
February 6, 2020 | Stanford's Program on Water, Health and Development
Issue: February 2020
February 3, 2020 | Natural Capital Project
Issue: February 2020
New research maps where hydropower dams impact species critical to human livelihoods.
Firefighter monitors prescribed burn
January 20, 2020
Issue: February 2020
Australians desperate for solutions to raging wildfires might find them 8,000 miles away, where a new Stanford-led study proposes ways of overcoming... Read More
mountain lions
January 14, 2020
Issue: February 2020
It’s hard to protect something you can’t find. A new Stanford study reveals sampling soil for animals’ left-behind DNA can provide valuable... Read More
December 19, 2019
Issue: December 2019 - January 2020
1/9/2020 - “A previous version of this story inaccurately described the plastic studied as STYROFOAMTM, and mistakenly stated that STYROFOAMTM ... Read More
school of fish
December 18, 2019 | Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
Issue: December 2019 - January 2020
December 17, 2019
Issue: December 2019 - January 2020
A wildfire’s path of destruction is not limited to things that burn – water is at risk too. When fires jump from forests and grasslands to urban... Read More
December 6, 2019 | Center on Food Security and the Environment
Issue: December 2019 - January 2020