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Fish in the waters of Palmyra Atoll
November 9, 2017
The Trump administration is considering rolling back federal protections for a number of national monuments. While most are on land and relatively... Read More
Hal Mooney
November 2, 2017
Stanford ecologist Hal Mooney was 18-years-old and taking a break from working as a “mess boy” aboard a Norwegian cargo ship when inspiration struck... Read More
hand turning sink faucet handle
October 25, 2017
“A number of water utilities that we work with observed unprecedented and unexpected water conservation levels during the recent drought in... Read More
A white-lipped peccary
October 9, 2017
Trees in tropical forests are well known for removing carbon dioxide from the air and storing the potent greenhouse gas as carbon in their leafy... Read More
A rancher in Browns Valley, Calif. applies compost to grazed grasslands
October 5, 2017
If you want to do something about global warming, look under your feet. Managed well, soil’s ability to trap carbon dioxide is potentially much... Read More
Stanford student Victoria Mendez visiting an organic dairy farm as part of her work on agricultural conservation easements for the California Department of Conservation.
October 4, 2017
Issue: October 2017
Ideas aren’t enough to confront an existential threat. Dylan MacArthur-Waltz learned that lesson on the third day of his internship with the... Read More
Julie Packard, Chris Field, and John Laird
September 20, 2017
Issue: October 2017
In the wake of major hurricanes and devastating flooding events hitting the United States in just the last month, experts from the public, private... Read More
depleted reservoir
September 15, 2017
Issue: September 2017
After the wettest winter on record in 122 years, California’s waterways and reservoirs are finally replenishing to reverse the previous years of... Read More
Bricks dry outside a kiln in Bangladesh.
September 14, 2017
Issue: September 2017
Stephen Luby’s epiphany came to him 30,000 feet up in the air. The Stanford epidemiologist was flying over India when he realized the view from his... Read More