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News Releases

December 17, 2019
A wildfire’s path of destruction is not limited to things that burn – water is at risk too. When fires jump from forests and grasslands to urban... Read More
December 12, 2019
Katharine Hayhoe, a professor in the public administration program at Texas Tech University and Director of the Climate Science Center at Texas Tech... Read More
December 9, 2019 | Center for Ocean Solutions
Major report with Stanford coauthors shows widespread and escalating loss of life-sustaining oxygen from the ocean. 
December 6, 2019 | Center on Food Security and the Environment
December 4, 2019 | Precourt Institute for Energy
Stanford scientists have developed a precise way to measure U.S. power plant emissions 24/7.
December 3, 2019
Each year, thousands of scientists from across the globe come together at the American Geophysical Union (AGU) annual fall meeting to share new... Read More
December 3, 2019
The runaway train that is climate change is about to blow past another milestone: global fossil-fuel carbon dioxide emissions will reach yet another... Read More
November 22, 2019 | Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Women in Data Science and Stanford Earth hosted a symposium to highlight data science-driven research done by women. Newsha Ajami of Water in the... Read More
November 21, 2019
As part of a Center on Food Security and the Environment event, World Bank Country Director for India Junaid Ahmad discussed the political economy of... Read More