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News Releases

June 8, 2020 | Stanford Water in the West
New report recommends key findings for successful development and implementation of data platforms supporting water management decisions.
June 2, 2020 | Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
A key to solving global hunger – which is predicted to intensify during the COVID-19 pandemic – may lie in the ocean. In fact, the ocean could... Read More
June 2, 2020
(Apply for this fellowship here) Stanford University’s Center for Innovation in Global Health and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment... Read More
June 1, 2020 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Taking a new approach to an old problem, Stanford researchers have created a device that could make converting seawater to freshwater profitable and... Read More
crops growing in dirt
June 1, 2020 | University of California, Merced
New research shows composting human waste produces an effective fertilizer for agriculture while increasing safety, sustainability and jobs, and... Read More
June 1, 2020 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
In 2015, Stanford biologist Paul Ehrlich co-authored a study declaring the world’s sixth mass extinction was underway. Five years later, Ehrlich and... Read More
May 21, 2020 | Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Stanford researchers have developed a deep-learning model that maps fuel moisture levels in fine detail across 12 western states, opening a door for... Read More
May 20, 2020 | Natural Capital Project
Experts from the Natural Capital Project explain the value of wild bees in our agricultural systems, especially in light of the increased risk murder... Read More
May 19, 2020 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
As people shelter in place to slow the spread of COVID-19, daily carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions have dropped by as much as 17 percent globally,... Read More