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News Releases

Jul 9 2018 | Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
Working toward a system that prioritizes human wellbeing as much as environmental sustainability in fisheries worldwide.
David Lobell
Jul 5 2018
The Center on Food Security and the Environment (FSE) is pleased to announce Professor David B. Lobell will step in as director Sept. 1, 2018.... Read More
Jul 2 2018
In order to halt climate change, major infrastructure critical to world economies will have to change. Some transitions will be smooth, such as... Read More
ship in New York Harbour
Jun 28 2018 | Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions
Stanford experts examine potential unintended implications of move to rescind Obama-era National Ocean Policy.
Jun 27 2018
Talk about a perfect storm. As the Atlantic hurricane season kicks off this month, some coastal communities are still recovering from last year’s... Read More
Jun 27 2018
In 2015, exposure to particulate matter in sub-Saharan Africa led to 400,000 otherwise preventable infant deaths, according to a new Stanford study.... Read More
Jun 13 2018
Our inaugural cohort will be piloted by faculty with a strong dedication to and clear results in leadership, outreach, and collaboration. The program... Read More
Jun 9 2018
Marcia McNutt, president of the National Academy of Sciences, recently discussed science careers and leadership at Stanford University during a... Read More
yellowfin tuna
Jun 8 2018
Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions Co-Director Jim Leape spoke recently about his involvement with Friends of Ocean Action, a global initiative... Read More