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News Releases

Nov 20 2018 | Stanford News Service
U.S. Capitol
Nov 8 2018
The recent midterm elections could have far-reaching implications for the direction of federal- and state-level environment and energy policy. Chris... Read More
Goodfellow's Tree Kangaroo
Nov 5 2018
No one had reported seeing the strange creature – a cross between a bear and a monkey – since before the Great Depression. Then, this past summer, an... Read More
Caterpillar fungus
Oct 22 2018
A parasitic fungus that grows wild throughout the Himalayas and sells for more than its weight in gold could vanish if current harvesting and climate... Read More
Oct 15 2018
Stanford scientists have revealed the presence of water stored within a glacier in Greenland, where the rapidly changing ice sheet is a major... Read More
Zebras and Ankole cattle on a Kenyan ranch
Oct 15 2018
A study of 3,588 square kilometers of privately-owned land in central Kenya offers evidence that humans and their livestock can, in the right... Read More