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News Releases

October 13, 2020 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
A dialogue organized by Stanford that brought together environmental organizations, hydropower companies, investors, government agencies and... Read More
October 8, 2020 | Water in the West
New research identifies impacts of agricultural desalination on the local environment, economy and community, and identifies policy solutions.
October 7, 2020 | Stanford Institute for Economic Policy
Stanford experts review recent trends in wildfire activity, quantify how the smoke from these wildfires is affecting air quality and health across... Read More
October 7, 2020 | Natural Capital Project
Around the world, birds are deeply embedded in human culture. New research finds the birds people value most are under the greatest threat from... Read More
October 7, 2020 | Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Stanford scientist Rob Jackson explains why emissions of nitrous oxide are rising faster than expected and what it will take to reverse the trend.
October 6, 2020 | UCLA Luskin Center for Innovation
Extreme heat may deepen educational inequities for students around the world, according to new research coauthored by Patrick Behrer, a postdoctdoral... Read More
October 1, 2020 | Stanford News Service
Through the use of two advanced audio recording technologies, a collaboration of Monterey Bay researchers has found that blue whales switch from... Read More
September 28, 2020 | Stanford News Service
Maria Azhunova, winner of the 2020 Bright Award, supports the intergenerational transfer of traditional knowledge and biocultural approaches to... Read More
September 25, 2020 | Bill Lane Center for the American West
New survey findings suggest that wildfires tearing through the state may bring Democrats and Republicans closer together in support of climate... Read More