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News Releases

August 23, 2021 | Stanford Program on Water, Health & Development
Climate change, disease, and other threats imperil the world’s clean water, but solutions are at hand. Researchers at the Stanford Program on Water,... Read More
August 23, 2021 | Stanford News Service
Smoke from wildfires may have contributed to thousands of additional premature births in California between 2007 and 2012. The findings underscore... Read More
August 20, 2021 | Stanford News Service
Achieving Stanford’s goal of reaching at least net-zero emissions from its operations will require developing new tools and strategies, which could... Read More
August 10, 2021 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
From lake-draining drought in California to bridge-breaking floods in China, extreme weather is wreaking havoc. Preparing for weather extremes in a... Read More
August 9, 2021 | Stanford News Service
Several studies have found that the EPA underestimates the amount of methane leaking from U.S. oil and gas operations by as much as half. A new... Read More
August 9, 2021 | Stanford Center for International Security and Cooperation
Stanford scholar Paul N. Edwards served as a lead author and answers questions about the report.
August 5, 2021 | Stanford News Service
A nearly 30-year survey, conducted at Stanford’s Jasper Ridge Biological Preserve, has found that the distribution of Argentine ants has shrunk as a... Read More
August 5, 2021 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Stanford engineers, physicians, sociologists, Earth scientists and others soon will collaborate to make cities healthier, revolutionize plastic... Read More
August 4, 2021 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
Wildfire-weary Californians may be wondering whether their state – the world’s fifth largest economy – is destined for an ever-intensifying cycle of... Read More