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New Software for Designing Sustainable Cities

Two women walking down a path surrounded by green spaces

Natural Capital Project researchers have developed software that shows city planners where to invest in nature to improve people’s lives and save billions of dollars

A new sustainable city planning program | Retail Crowd | June 25, 2021

New tools quantify costs, benefits of urban greenspace investments | GCN | June 24, 2021

Urban InVEST Is a Free, Open-Source Software That Can Help Design Sustainable Cities: All the Details | Just Android | June 24, 2021

Platform calculates green infrastructure ROI | Cities Today | June 22, 2021

New Software Helps Build Better Cities Amid Population and Climate Changes | Courthouse News Service | June 21, 2021

Stanford’s New Open-Source Software for Designing Sustainable Cities | SciTechDaily | June 21, 2021

Designing sustainable cities | Natural Capital Project | June 21, 2021

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