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New Report Looks at Solar Geoengineering to Fight Climate Change

sun reflecting off water
Mar 25, 2021


Director Chris Field led a committee of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine in creating a new report focused on solar geoengineering. The report Reflecting Sunlight: Recommendations for Solar Geoengineering Research and Research Governance details that "solar geoengineering strategies are designed to cool Earth either by adding small reflective particles to the upper atmosphere, by increasing reflective cloud cover in the lower atmosphere, or by thinning high-altitude clouds that can absorb heat. While such strategies have the potential to reduce global temperatures, they could also introduce an array of unknown or negative consequences." Coverage related to this report is listed below:

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US urged to invest in sun-dimming studies as climate warms | Nature | Mar. 29, 2021

Solar geoengineering research could get funding injection | Chemical & Engineering News | Mar. 29, 2021

$100 million geoengineering project proposed, to dim the sun | Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists | Mar. 27, 2021

National Academies urge U.S. to study artificial cooling | E&E News | Mar. 26, 2021

Solar Geoengineering Should be Investigated, Scientists Say | Scientific American | Mar. 26, 2021

New Report Says U.S. Should Cautiously Pursue Solar Geoengineering Research to Better Understand Options for Responding to Climate Change Risk | The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine | Mar. 25, 2021

Scientists Support an Idea Long Thought Outlandish: Reflecting the Sun’s Rays | The New York Times | Mar. 25, 2021

U.S. needs solar geoengineering research program, National Academies says | Science | Mar. 25, 2021

Geoengineering The Climate Just Became More Of A Real Possibility In The U.S. | Huffpost | Mar. 25, 2021

Science panel: Consider air cooling tech as climate back-up | AP News | Mar. 25, 2021

'Dimming the sun': $100m geoengineering research programme proposed | The Guardian | Mar. 25, 2021

Warming up to solar geoengineering | Axios | Mar. 25, 2021

U.S. should research solar geoengineering to fight climate change but exercise caution, scientists say | Reuters | Mar. 25, 2021

Is it time to try geoengineering to solve the climate crisis? | NewScientist | Mar. 25, 2021

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