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In the Media: Michael Wara

A crew member from National Guard uses a chain saw to clear debris from a forest in Shaver Lake, California.
June 19, 2021 | Bloomberg Green
Michael Wara comments on California's expensive, but necessary, preventative strategies as wildfire season approaches.
May 24, 2021 | Los Angeles Times
Michael Wara discusses the impacts of droughts on wildfires because if the fuels are dry, an ignition from a wind event is more likely to be... Read More
May 21, 2021 | Curbed
Michael Wara discusses risks that wildfires pose to different communities and how that affects where we should be building homes in the future.
May 20, 2021 | New York Times
Michael Wara discusses how it has long been clear that the government has needed to reduce fire risk by more aggressively thinning out forests and... Read More
May 17, 2021 | Roll Call
Michael Wara discusses how administration officials should also use the opportunity to reevaluate basic assumptions about managing fire-prone federal... Read More
May 8, 2021 | The Dickinson Press
Michael Wara discusses how a new standard is emerging for utility companies out of the aggressive fire response in California, where providers can be... Read More
April 15, 2021 | Vox
Michael Wara comments on California Gov. Gavin Newsom's new announcement about funding to help the state manage wildfires.
April 8, 2021 | Los Angeles Times
Michael Wara disucsses the importance of treating California wildfires as an emergency and why funding for prevention plans is justified.
March 22, 2021 | San Francisco Chronicle
Michael Wara discusses how to provide a broad benefit to many communities in California to make them safer by putting fire protection and earthquake... Read More