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In the Media: Newsha Ajami

The golden gate bridge against a burnt orange sky
September 11, 2020 | E&E News
Newsha Ajami comments on how wildfires can affect nearby water bodies.
March 17, 2020 | Geographical
Newsha Ajami is interviewed on the impacts of wildfires on water supplies.
March 16, 2020 | SiliconANGLE
Newsha Ajami is featured in an article about a building water resilient portfolio for the Bay Area.
Charred black tree trunks are enveloped by wildfire smoke and water vapor.
February 7, 2020 | Living on Earth
Newsha Ajami sat down with independent media program Living on Earth for a radio segment about the effect of wildfires on water quality.
February 4, 2020 | Bay Area Monitor
A profile of Newsha Ajami and her path to where she is and her contributions to water policy in California.
March 24, 2019
Many news outlets, such as U.S. News and USA Todaycite research done by Newsha Ajami. See coverage below for more details.   After 7 years,... Read More
November 28, 2018 | Chemical & Engineering News
Newsha Ajami discusses water quality monitoring in the wake of major wildfires.
August 25, 2018 | The Bridge
Newsha Ajami is featured in The Bridge as a "prominent female figure in science and science policy."