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In the Media: Noah Diffenbaugh

March 25, 2021 | Fast Company
Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the strong evidence that climate change is influencing wildfire risk in California.
February 17, 2021 | yahoo!sports
Noah Diffenabugh comments on extreme winter weather and how likely it is that this will continue.
Washington Post initials
January 18, 2021 | Washington Post
Noah Diffenbaugh comments on new study estimating climate change impacts on flood damages and costs.
Flooded Street
January 11, 2021 | San Francisco Chronicle
Marshall Burke and Noah Diffenbaugh discuss new study atrributed contribution of climate change to flood damage in the U.S..
Car in flood
January 11, 2021 | CNBC
Marshall Burke and Noah Diffenbaugh comment on new study on climate contribution to flood damages in the United States.
Cars on a smokey day
January 5, 2021 | San Francisco Chronicle
Noah Diffenbaugh comments on changes in California's climate from when our water resources and infrastructure were designed.
Remains after a fire
December 20, 2020 | The Weather Channel
Noah Diffenbaugh explains how the area burned in the Western US has increased around tenfold over the past four decades.
A map of drought conditions in California on Nov. 25, 2020
November 30, 2020 | CapRadio
Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the impacts of a La Niña weather pattern this year and what that may mean for drought in California.
a large orange sun sets behind the Golden Gate Bridge
November 21, 2020 | San Francisco Chronicle
Noah Diffenbaugh comments on how California and much of the U.S. southwest is already in a drought heading into what may be another dry year.