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CEPP Research Director Michael Mastrandrea briefs California State Senate energy staff on electrification and grid development

Power transmission lines and wind turbines in California
Image credit: Sundry Photography / iStock

A panel of energy and policy experts including Michael Mastrandrea, research director of the Woods Institute’s Climate and Energy Policy Program, discussed electrification, grid development, decentralizing the grid, and the future of the natural gas system during a private briefing for California Senate energy staff on March 8. The panel convened steering committee members of a California Council on Science & Technology report that helps policymakers better understand challenges and potential solutions for decarbonizing California’s economy while highlighting environmental justice and equity considerations. The California Council on Science & Technology aims to equip policymakers with the knowledge to make informed decisions on science and technology.

“California’s electricity grid requires significant investment to meet expanding demand for electricity and achieve our climate goals, while also protecting communities from wildfires and other climate-related threats,” said Mastrandrea. “Careful attention must be paid to how the costs of these investments are allocated to ensure electricity is affordable for all Californians.”

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