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wastewater treatment plant under construction
Billions of years ago, when Earth’s atmosphere reeked of unbreathable gases, microbes evolved in the absence of oxygen. As Earth matured and the... Read More
biofuel plant
With recent tax credits and other policies, removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and storing it underground is not only possible but... Read More
Stanford faculty participate in leadership training
New Woods leadership program coaches Stanford faculty on working across traditional boundaries
Four-year $1.9 million grant renews a partnership aimed at accelerating access to safe, reliable and affordable water services.
brine shrimp
Massive swarms of tiny oceanic organisms like krill create enough turbulence when they migrate to redistribute ocean waters – an effect that may... Read More
Fran Ulmer
On April 4 at Stanford, Fran Ulmer, Cox visiting professor in the School of Earth, Energy and Environmental Sciences and Chair of the U.S. Arctic... Read More
Traffic on a Los Angeles-area freeway
The U.S. EPA recently announced plans to scale back federal regulations to reduce emissions from cars and trucks, a sector responsible for the most... Read More
An oil refinery in Washington state.
A closely watched federal trial pitting two cities against major oil companies has taken surprising and unorthodox turns. Stanford researchers... Read More
bicycle in field
Perry L. McCarty Director Chris Field reflects on the need for "special tools" to assess the full value of ecosystems and other natural assets.