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Sep 10 2018
A newly ​developed model looks at how updated regulations and financing options could help renew our aging water infrastructure.
leatherback turtle
Sep 4 2018
Understanding the movements of migratory marine animals through different countries' waters and in the open ocean beyond is vital to their management... Read More
Russian wheat aphids (Diuraphis noxia).
Aug 30 2018
Scientists have already warned that climate change likely will impact the food we grow. From rising global temperatures to more frequent "extreme"... Read More
Aug 29 2018
Stanford researchers and students hosted a number of events in connection with the Global Climate Action Summit in San Francisco.
Aug 23 2018
Basic research as a pathway to solving environmental challenges
Alumni of the Youth Water Trustee program
Aug 23 2018
The Stanford Bright Award will be presented to EcoPeace Middle East at an Oct. 4 event on the Stanford campus.
Aug 13 2018
Stanford students are traveling through Africa to learn effective mentoring and field techniques, on an expedition designed to provide new... Read More
Coachella Valley
Aug 3 2018
Stanford researchers map out groundwater at stake in the wake of a court decision that bolsters Native American rights to the precious resource... Read More
fishing boat in Adriatic Sea
Aug 2 2018
Fishers who complied with a moratorium in the Adriatic Sea maintained catch levels by fishing in other areas. The findings help justify extending... Read More