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Jan 18 2019 | World Economic Forum
Stanford Center for Ocean Solutions Codirector Jim Leape on how to tackle illegal fishing.
divers and coral
Jan 16 2019 | Stanford News Service
Truly grasping the importance of biodiversity means diving down into the microscopic organisms in our soils and out to human social relationships... Read More
oil palm plantings
Jan 16 2019
Stanford-led research points the way to a middle ground of sustainably harvested palm oil and poverty alleviation through engagement with an often... Read More
Jan 15 2019 | Stanford News Service
hydropower dam
Dec 21 2018 | Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Recent droughts caused increases in emissions of carbon dioxide and harmful air pollutants from power generation in several western states as fossil... Read More
fish and coral
Dec 21 2018 | Stanford News Service
Stanford marine biologist Stephen Palumbi discusses effort tools to save coral reefs.
Mann and Field talking
Dec 20 2018
Michael E. Mann, noted climate scientist and Distinguished Professor of Atmospheric Science at Pennsylvania State University, sat down with Woods... Read More
solar panels on house roof
Dec 19 2018 | Stanford News Service
Stanford researchers identify factors that promote the use of solar energy and those that discourage it
Dec 19 2018
The Trump administration has proposed greatly limiting regulation of wetlands and other waterways. Leon Szeptycki, executive director of Stanford’s... Read More