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Dec 12 2018
As climate change drives mountain-dwelling pikas to higher altitudes, the animals can dial certain genes up or down to make the most of their cooler... Read More
Dec 12 2018 | Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Why did the first big, complex organisms spring to life in deep, dark oceans where food was scarce? A new study finds great depths provided a stable... Read More
bubbles in ocean
Dec 11 2018 | Stanford News Service
Stanford researchers uncover startling insights into how human-generated carbon dioxide could reshape oceans.
smokestacks and wind turbines
Dec 5 2018 | Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Renewable energy capacity has hit record levels and global coal use may have already peaked. But the world's carbon dioxide emissions from fossil... Read More
solar panels
Dec 3 2018 | Stanford News Service
A second solar-generating plant, to be built in the next three years, will complete the university’s transition to clean power and further shrink... Read More
woman in VR goggles
Nov 30 2018
Stanford researchers took a virtual reality experience into a variety of educational settings, including high school classrooms, to test the impact... Read More
Nov 29 2018 | Stanford News Service
While carrying out scientific research in forest ecology, Stanford’s Lauren Oakes found stories of hope by immersing herself in local communities. In... Read More
cracked soil and wilted corn plant
Nov 28 2018 | Stanford School of Earth, Energy & Environmental Sciences
Odds are rising that warm, dry conditions – the kind that can hurt crop yields, destabilize food prices and exacerbate wildfires – will strike... Read More
fire destruction in San Diego neighborhood
Nov 28 2018 | Stanford News Service
The 2018 fire season in California gave Stanford experts much to think about, including how the state can develop better policies for preventing... Read More