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depleted reservoir
Sep 15 2017
A new web portal puts four years of California drought data into an interactive format, showing where regions met or missed water conservation goals... Read More
Sep 15 2017
I admire those pictures most that acknowledge our predicament without causing us to lose heart, just as I am most touched by those places where... Read More
Bricks dry outside a kiln in Bangladesh.
Sep 14 2017
Brick kilns and their pollution are ubiquitous in South Asia. An interdisciplinary team is combining satellite data and political persuasion to track... Read More
Houston residents evacuate during Hurricane Harvey.
Sep 11 2017
Researchers at Stanford show the critical role assessment of climate change and other environmental issues can play in supporting actions and... Read More
rescuer in boat in Houston flooding
Sep 1 2017
(See list of Stanford experts available to discuss impacts of Hurricane Harvey.)
A Bedouin man prays in arid eastern Jordan.
Aug 30 2017
Jordan is among the world’s most water-poor nations, and a new, comprehensive analysis of regional drought and land-use changes in upstream Syria... Read More
computer-generated image of flowers over Stanford campus scene
Aug 24 2017
Artist Tamiko Thiel ‘79 has brought her augmented reality installation, entitled Gardens of the Anthropocene, to Stanford. You can now follow these... Read More
map of world
Aug 23 2017
Study creates roadmaps for 139 countries to convert to 100-percent clean, renewable energy for all purposes. If implemented, the roadmaps would... Read More
Forest in Northern California
Aug 14 2017
A pioneering California program to sell carbon offsets has surprising environmental benefits – including providing habitat for endangered species –... Read More