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All News: Newsha Ajami

October 27, 2021 | Water in the West
Stanford water experts discuss lessons learned from previous droughts, imperatives for infrastructure investment and pathways for the state to... Read More
March 23, 2021 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
In 2020 wildfires ravaged more than 10 million acres of land across California, Oregon and Washington, making it the largest fire season in modern... Read More
March 23, 2021 | Water in the West
Naming priorities such as better land management, an evolved portfolio of 21st-century solutions and more funding for research and development,... Read More
November 18, 2020 | Water in the West
New Stanford research uses Zillow and census data combined with machine learning to identify residential water consumption based on housing... Read More
October 8, 2020 | Water in the West
New research identifies impacts of agricultural desalination on the local environment, economy and community, and identifies policy solutions.
August 13, 2020 | Stanford Engineering: The Future of Everything
Water authority Newsha Ajami says that just as engineering once brought water to distant, desert cities, the field is now uniting to make sure the... Read More
April 22, 2020 | Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
For the 50th anniversary of Earth Day, April 20, Stanford researchers reflect on environmental success stories. 
March 11, 2020 | Water in the West
As California approaches what could be another drought, water utilities are eager to find new ways of curbing water demand. Stanford researchers have... Read More
December 17, 2019
A wildfire’s path of destruction is not limited to things that burn – water is at risk too. When fires jump from forests and grasslands to urban... Read More