On Oct. 14, 2010, the Woods Institute for the Environment held a reception for undergraduate and graduate students at Stanford's Y2E2 Building. In their welcoming remarks, Woods Co-Directors Buzz Thompson and Jeff Koseff presented a list of the top 10 ways students can become involved in environment and sustainability activities at Stanford. Undergraduates Kate Lowry and Melinda Gonzalez also explained how Woods Institute grant and fellowship programs provide crucial support for student-run sustainability projects.

Read the article, "Woods Institute Builds Green Bridges," in the Stanford Daily.

Video: Woods Institute Student Reception 2010

Woods Institute's top 10 ways to become involved in environment & sustainability activities at Stanford:

  1. Do research on an environmental problem.
    Undergrads: Receive a stipend through the Woods Institute Undergraduate Interdisciplinary Research Program.
    Graduates: Apply for a Stanford Interdisciplinary Graduate Fellowship from the Vice Provost for Graduate Education.
  2. Get to know environmental faculty.
  3. Take at least one course about environmental problem solving.
    Enroll in courses on campus, at Hopkins Marine Station or through the Bing Overseas Studies Program.
  4. Consider majoring in or taking courses in Stanford's many environmental and sustainability departments and interdisciplinary programs.
  5. Get involved with Sustainable Stanford, enroll in CEE/ES 109: "Creating a Green Student Workforce to Help Implement Stanford's Sustainability Vision."
  6. Participate in one of the many environmental and sustainability student group activities across campus.
  7. Make a personal commitment to sustainability (whatever that means to you).
  8. Look for opportunities to lead and/or collaborate with other students interested in environment and sustainability issues.
  9. Become a Y2E2 Building tour guide.
  10. Apply for a Woods Institute Mel Lane Student Program grant and change the world with your project!