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video screen grab of coral and diver

Learning Through Fieldwork on Pacific Coral Reefs »

January 24, 2018

Explore coral reefs of Palau with Stanford undergraduates taught by Woods senior fellows.

By Danielle Torrent Tucker, Stanford News Service

Fish in the waters of Palmyra Atoll

Loss of Protections for Marine Sanctuaries Would Threaten Environment and Fisheries »

November 9, 2017

Federal regulators have indicated they may open some marine national monuments to commercial fishing. Researchers who have studied these and adjacent areas discuss their value and the potential impacts of a change in...

By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Best Case Scenario for International Climate Talks »

November 7, 2017

Experts from around the world are gathering in Bonn, Germany for the 23rd annual United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 23) to discuss a path to implementation of the historic Paris Climate Change Agreement.

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

A coral reef outside of Aitutaki, Cook Islands.

Can Corals Adapt to Climate Change? »

November 1, 2017

Corals can persist if nations control emissions, new research shows.

By Kat Kerlin, UC Davis News and Media Relations

Corals May Hold Cancer Insights »

June 28, 2017

Stanford researchers are exploring how corals that re-colonized Bikini Atoll after nuclear bomb tests 70 years ago have adapted to persistent radiation. Their work is featured in a PBS series.

By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Coral reef

A Brave New World for Coral Reefs »

June 1, 2017

The future of the world’s coral reefs hangs in the balance, but it is not too late to save them, according to a new study.

By Melissa Lyne, ARC Centre of Excellence for Coral Reef Studies

Stanford graduate student Lupita Ruiz-Jones takes a sample from the corals near Ofu Island, American Samoa.

Ancient Stress Response Found in Corals »

March 8, 2017

Monitoring a newly discovered group of genes in coral could predict when they are under stress and might bleach. The approach could improve conservation strategies for at-risk coral reefs.

By Jackie Flynn, Stanford News Service

A Time for Sea Change »

December 10, 2015

In the lead-up to the Paris climate talks, Center for Ocean Solutions experts explain why reducing carbon dioxide emissions is vital to both human and ocean health.

By Kristen Weiss, Center for Ocean Solutions

Duck - extinct

Study: Industrial Revolution of the Ocean Threatens Wildlife »

January 16, 2015

In a broad new study, scientists write that patterns of human activity that led to the collapse of land species are now occurring in the sea.

By Bjorn Carey, Stanford News Service

Steve Palumbi studying corals in American Samoa

The Quest to Save Coral »

June 9, 2014

More than half the world’s coral reefs have died since the dawn of the industrial age, due to human activities and ever increasing ocean temperatures. Stanford Woods Institute Senior Fellow Steve Palumbi has a plan for...

By Bjorn Carey, Stanford News Service

taking coral samples

Some Corals Adjust to Climate Change »

April 25, 2014

Research led by Stanford Woods Institute Senior Fellow Steve Palumbi reveals how some corals can quickly switch on or off certain genes in order to survive in warmer-than-average tidal waters

By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Sailfish feeding

UnShark Week »

February 3, 2014

Obsessed with sharks? Get over it, and learn about the ocean's fastest, biggest, deepest and hottest creatures, says Stanford Woods Institute fellow

By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford aeronautics graduate student Ved Chirayath photographs coral reefs using a 360-degree camera

Drones Open Way to New World of Coral Research »

October 16, 2013

Camera-equipped flying robots promise new insights into climate change effects on important ecosystems


By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Engaging China on Climate »

June 10, 2013

Climate statement co-written by Stanford Woods Institute senior fellows makes its way to Chinese President

By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

48 Stanford Scientists Sign Global Environmental Consensus Statement »

May 23, 2013

California Governor accepts document endorsed by 520 scientists from 44 countries.

By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Showcasing Environmental Breakthroughs »

April 22, 2013

Stanford Woods Institute researchers demonstrate cutting-edge environmental technologies at Stanford sustainability event

By Terry Nagel, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Sea Urchins May Hold Secret to Surviving Changing Climate »

April 8, 2013

Research reveals rapid evolutionary adaptations to ocean acidification


By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Heat-Resistant Corals Provide Clues to Climate Change Survival »

January 7, 2013

Senior Fellow Stephen Palumbi looks at heat-resistant corals as first step to protecting species on a warming Earth.

By Rob Jordan, Stanford Woods Institute

Resilient Coral »

August 12, 2006

Stanford researchers study corals' ability to withstand a changing climate.

By Cassandra Brooks, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment