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Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

NEWS & PRESS RELEASES EVP: Consequences of increased global meat consumption on the global environment -- trade in virtual water, energy & nutrients

Hal Mooney

A ‘Big Picture’ Ecologist: Hal Mooney  »

November 2, 2017

Stanford ecologist Hal Mooney was 18-years-old and taking a break from working as a “mess boy” aboard a Norwegian cargo ship when inspiration struck.

By Christine Black


Meat's Environmental Impact »

July 25, 2011

Woods-funded research on the consequences of increased global meat consumption.

By Cassandra Brooks, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

New Report Reveals the Environmental and Social Impact of the 'Livestock Revolution' »

March 16, 2010

A new report by an international research team explores the impact of the global livestock industry on the environment, the economy and human health.

Stanford News Service

Researchers Look at Environmental Costs of Livestock Production »

January 11, 2006

By Kathey Neal, Stanford News Service