Full Study
Nature Divided, Scientists United: US–Mexico Border Wall Threatens Biodiversity and Binational Conservation

Stanford News Release
Stanford biologists discuss border barrier’s potential ecological damage

Media Coverage
The Washington Post
Thousands of scientists object to Trump’s border wall

News Weekly
Mexico Boarder Wall: Thousands Of Scientists Warn Of Threat To Wildlife

The Hill
Thousands of scientists endorse study on border wall's threat to wildlife

Donald Trump’s US-Mexico border wall is major threat to wildlife, scientists warn

The Weather Channel
Thousands of Scientists Endorse Study Proclaiming Trump's Border Wall a Disaster for Wildlife

2,500 Scientists Warn Against the Border Wall's Huge Environmental Cost

Fox News
US-Mexico border wall will damage wildlife, scientists warn

Daily Mail
Trump's border wall between the US and Mexico is 'a crime against biodiversity' and puts more than 1,500 animal and plant species at risk of extinction, warn scientists

Huffington Post
Scientists Warn Trump’s Border Wall Would Be A Disaster For Wildlife

Scientists: Border wall could threaten endangered species, environment

Donald Trump's border wall could cause great ecological damage, scientists warn US government

Trump's border wall would harm animal species, OSU scientist says

Democrat Herald
Border wall a barrier to conservation

Democrat Herald
Border wall a barrier to conservation

The News
2,700 scientists warn US-Mexico wall endangers wildlife

Another View: Thousands of scientists object to Trump's border wall

Oregon Live
2,700 scientists say border wall would endanger plants, animals

The Jakarta Post
2,700 scientists say border wall would endanger plants, animals

South China Morning Post
Donald Trump’s proposed US-Mexico wall endangers wildlife, scientists warn

The Japan Times
‘Crime against biodiversity’: 2,700 scientists warn Trump’s U.S.-Mexico wall may doom 1,000 threatened species

Arizona Public Media
Nearly 2,500 Scientists Slam Trump's Planned Border Wall

The Boarder Wall Won't Just Stop People. It Will Stop Migrating Animals And Ruin Entire Ecosystems

Trump’s national security agenda to have big environmental impacts on both borders

San Antonio Current
Thousands of Scientists Sign Off on Paper Warning of Border Wall's Environmental Damage

The Business Investor
Borders said to threaten biodiversity