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Tracking the global footprint of fisheries

Stanford News Release
Fishing's Global Footprint

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CBS News
Large-scale commercial fishing covers more than half of the oceans, study finds

Fishing's Footprint

Gloucester Times
Satellites see big fishing's footprint on the high seas

The Asahi Shimbun
Satellites show big fishing’s wide footprint on the high seas

The Washington Post
New maps show the utterly imprint of fishing on the world's oceans 

Central Maine
Satellite images show big fishing’s footprint across the globe

Undercurrent News
Satellite tracking ‘opens unprecedented gateway for ocean management’

The Columbian
Satellites see big fishing’s footprint

New Maps Reveal Global Fishing's 'Vast Scope Of Exploitation Of The Ocean'

National Geographic
Industrial Fishing Occupies a Third of the Planet

Tracking Fishing Vessels Reveals Industry’s Toll on the Ocean

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N&H TOPLINE: Global footprint of fisheries tracked in real time

Brink Wire
Scientists tracked commercial fishing in real-time and found over half the world’s oceans fished

Yahoo News
Study reveals fishing's startling global footprint: 'It totally blows me away'

Researchers track commercial fishing worldwide in near real-time

The Fish Site
Global fishing footprint revealed

The Guardian
Half of world's oceans now fished industrially, maps reveal

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Pesca industriale, l’Adriatico tra le aree più sfruttate al mondo

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Satellites See Fishing Industry’s Effects on the High Seas