Tuna Fish School Human Engineers In Hydraulics
July 20, 2017
The Wire
Research by Barbara Block and her team at Stanford show how tuna use their lymphatic system to navigate the seas and how this could be applied to mechanics

Tuna Fins Are Weirder Than You Think
July 20, 2017
Live Science
Barbara Block is mentioned in research conducted on Tuna fish and the ability to use their lymphatic system to control their dorsal and anal fins.

Your Favorite Sandwich Filler Is Powered By Nature’s Finest Hydraulic System
July 20, 2017
Research by Barbara Block shows in sight into the biological hydraulics systems of the tuna

Bluefin tuna use a unique hydraulic control system to 'fly' through the ocean like fighter jets
July 20, 2017
The Daily Mail
Stanford Scientist Barbara Block and team provide new insight into the movement of the Tuna

Newly discovered lymph hydraulics give tunas their fancy moves
July 31, 2017
Science News
New science into the movement of the Tuna and the use of their lymph systems in that movement