As part of Earth Hour 2013 on Feb. 23, the California Governor's Office of Planning and Research (OPR) launched a communications initiative called "Climate Changers" on YouTube. The channel includes three video interviews Stanford students conducted with fellows in the Stanford Woods Institute-based Leopold Leadership Program, which provides communications training to scientists around the U.S. One of the interviewees is Woods-affiliated Professor of Environmental Earth System Science Kevin Arrigo, who discusses the effects of climate change on polar ice and oceans - including the world's largest phytoplankton bloom. More videos will be added in the days to come.

"California is working on several strategies to prevent climate change and to ready ourselves for the Earth's changing temperature, and we believe that education is a paramount piece of the solution," the OPR announced in a press release. "That's why tonight OPR is launching 'Climate Changers,' an innovative video initiative to share hot lessons and cool solutions. We invite you to browse through our video library and to become a “climate changer” by joining us in working toward a more resilient California."

Read more about the Stanford video interviews project here.