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Sacramento Report: Fires, and the Debate Over Utilities’ Role, Keep Raging »

July 27, 2018

Michael Wara weights in on who's to blame for the California wildfires and how "it’s not even mostly a utility issue."

Voice of San Diego

Science says record heat, fires worsened by climate change »

July 27, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh is mentioned.

By Seth Borenstein and Frank Jordans, ABC-7

Watch as California’s devastating Carr fire explodes, sending a giant smoke cloud soaring into the atmosphere »

July 27, 2018

Quotes Noah Diffenbaugh on global warming and the rise of extreme weather events.

By Tom Yulsman, Discover Magazine

This start-up turns pollution from factories into fuel that powers cars — and one day planes »

July 27, 2018

Mark Jacobson is quoted on a new a new start-up turning carbon emissions in to ethanol.

By Catherine Clifford, CNBC

Border Wall Could Disrupt Hundreds of Species »

July 26, 2018

Paul Ehrlich is quoted on the extensive biodiversity around the US-Mexico border and what an expansion of the border wall could do to surrounding environment.

By Christopher Intagliata, Scientific America

California lawmakers grapple with how to prevent deadly wildfires and who should pay victims »

July 25, 2018

Michael Wara gives a two step solution to tackling the issue of blame for the California wildfires.

By John Myers, Los Angeles Times

Heat waves can create stormy economic weather »

July 25, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses how "not every record heat event is influenced by global warming, but we’re getting close to that point."

By Dennis Romero, NBC News

Illinois Gets ‘D’ Grade in New Report Evaluating Renewable Energy Standards »

July 25, 2018

Mark Jacobson, Senior Fellow at Woods, is mentioned.

By Alex Ruppenthal, Chicago Tonight

Gov. Brown backs liability changes for California utilities in wildfires »

July 25, 2018

Michael Wara discusses the inverse condemnation rule in California.

By Rob Nikolewski, The San Diego Union-Tribune

Who Should Pay For California’s Wildfire Damages? Gov. Jerry Brown, Lawmakers Debate Multibillion-Dollar Liabilities. »

July 24, 2018

Michael Wara discusses the balance of who to bear the burden of fiscal responsibility in relation to the California wildfires.

By Ben Adler, Capital Public Radio

Coverage: U.S.-Mexico border wall threatens biodiversity  »

July 24, 2018

Federal plans to complete a continuous wall along the U.S.-Mexico boundary would threaten the existence of numerous plant and animal species, Stanford researchers say. Paul Ehrlich and Rodolfo Dirzo look at the region’s unique...

How EdTech Needs To Get Back To School »

July 23, 2018

Jeremy Bailenson is quoted on the value and possibilities at VR technology has.

By Alice Bonasio, Forbes

Hotter temperatures lead to more suicides, study says »

July 23, 2018

New research conducted by Marshall Burke may show an unexpected link between self harm and the rise in climate change.

By Joan Meiners, The Times-Picayune

Economy to be a casualty as more severe weather expected in Southeast Asia »

July 23, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh voices concern over extreme weather events and their ability to become more common even if countries met the commitments of the 2015 Paris climate agreement.

By Asia News Network, The Nation

California lawmakers to tackle key wildfire question: Who pays for damages? »

July 21, 2018

Michael Wara is mentioned in regards to the cost of the wildfires 10 months ago in California and who should pay the $10 billion in damages.

By Guy Kovner, The Press Democrat

Creating new opportunities in Costa Rica’s Central Pacific »

July 20, 2018

Mentions research dine by INOGO.

The Tico Times

More Americans agree on going green than you might think »

July 18, 2018

Jon Krosnick comments on how "the American people are vastly underestimating how green the country wants to be."

By Melissa De Witte-Stanford, Fururity

Sinking land, poisoned water: the dark side of California's mega farms »

July 18, 2018

New study by Scott Fendorf looking into arsenic in groundwater.

By Alissa Greenberg, The Guardian

Climate change has come to your neighborhood, and the sizzle may never subside »

July 18, 2018

As severe heat in frequency and intensity continues to become a more common occurrence, researchers like Noah Diffenbaugh continue to point to the effects of climate change as a possible reason.

By Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

What could be the source of higher blood lead level in pregnant women? »

July 18, 2018

Study by Stephen Luby analysis the factors contributing to a high level lead in the blood of pregnant women in Bangladesh.

By Afrose Jahan Chaity, Dhaka Tribune

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