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Mussels showing up positive for opioids »

June 26, 2018

Richard Luthy co-author's study looking into the mussel and their filtration of water.


New star of SF’s water system: Calaveras Dam touted as model of safety, efficiency »

November 23, 2017

Richard Luthy comments on the construction of the new Calaveras Dam and its implications on the community and climate chan

By Dominic Fracassa, San Francisco Chronicle

How Long Will It Take Houston's Floodwaters to Drain? »

September 1, 2017

Richard Luthy and Newsha Ajami discuss the after

By Laura Geggel, Live Science

Stanford engineers develop planning tool for replenishing aquifers »

August 10, 2017

Stanford professor Richard Luthy and graduate student Jonathan Bradshaw have developed new methods of collection water to

By Zhou Xin, Xinhua Net

New tool helps parched regions plan how to replenish aquifers »

August 4, 2017

Richard Luthy and Jonathan Bradshaw are mention in the development of AquaCharge, a new way to replenish aquifers

By Edmund L. Andrews, Phys Org

Flint Pipes Released As Much As 18 Grams of Lead Per Household »

August 2, 2017

Richard Luthy comments on a study illuminating light of the ongoing crisis with contaminated water at Flint Michigan.

By Robin Kazmier, PBS

Oxygen-infused 'super water' could protect NYC schools from lead hazards,technology CEO says »

April 20, 2017

Richard Luthy on the importance of replacing lead piping.

By Amanda Mikelberg, Metro

Celebrating the End of California's Drought? Not so Fast, Say Water Experts »

March 9, 2017

Richard Luthy and Sebastien Tilmans explain how the Codina Resource Recovery Center demonstrates Stanford's ability to deal with the one million gallons of wastewater the campus creates per day.

By Angela Johnston, KALW Local Public Radio

In arid Southwest, cities expand but use less water »

March 1, 2017

Richard Luthy explains why water recycling, not just conservation, is critical to the future of Western cities.

By Zack Colman, Christian Science Monitor

Catching Storm Runoff Could Ease Droughts, But It’s No Quick Fix »

March 14, 2016

Senior Fellow Dick Luthy (Civil and Environmental Engineering) discusses the need for new water sources

By Molly Peterson, KQED (NPR)

Storm Water, Long a Nuisance, May Be a Parched California’s Salvation »

February 19, 2016

Senior Fellow Dick Luthy (engineering) sees storm water capture as an opportunity to increase supply levels in urban environments.


Gray Water and Stormwater Can Help in the Drought, But Risk Needs to Be Studied, Researchers Say »

December 16, 2015

Senior Fellow Dick Luthy (engineering) states that it can be advantageous to use gray water but it needs to be studied more carefully because there's an opportunity for exposure to pathogens.

By Matt Stevens, Los Angeles Times

China's Sponge Cities: Soaking Up Water to Reduce Flood Risks »

October 1, 2015

Senior Fellow Dick Luthy (engineering) states that "sponge cities" are a new way of thinking about stormwater, not as a problem but as an opportunity and a resource to augment our water supply.

By Mark Harris, The Guardian

California's Missing Water Fell On Boston Instead, As Snow »

July 13, 2015

Quotes Senior Fellow Chris Field (Humanities and Sciences) on how climate change can impact weather patterns, and Senior Fellow

By Rupa Shenoy, WGBH News

Restoring Threatened Mussels To Freshwater Could Cut E. Coli Contamination »

January 29, 2015

Cites research findings by Senior Woods Fellow Alexandria Boehm (Engineering), Senior Woods Fellow

By Puneet Kollipara, Chemical & Engineering News

Stanford University to Construct Water Recovery Center on Campus »

April 3, 2014

Quotes Senior Fellow Dick Luthy at groundbreaking for new water recovery plant that grew out of a Woods Environmental Venture Project led by Senior Fellow Craig Criddle

By Kara Guzman, San Jose Mercury News via Santa Cruz Sentinel

Restoring Life to S.F.'s Long-Blighted Mountain Lake »

December 13, 2013

Describes efforts to clean Mountain Lake in San Francisco by Niveen Ismail, a Stanford graduate student in environmental engineering working with Woods Senior Fellow Dick Luthy

By David Perlman, San Francisco Chronicle

Water Recycling Comes of Age in Silicon Valley »

July 19, 2013

Quotes Senior Fellow Dick Luthy on an innovative approach to producing more drinking water in Silicon Valley - from a controversial source: wastewater

By Amy Standen, KQED