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Climate change has doubled the frequency of ocean heatwaves »

August 15, 2018

A new study that looks into ocean heatwaves as climate change is on the rise, shows us that extreme weather events "can happen in the ocean as on land,” says

By Jeff Tollefson, Nature

Tornadoes on the East Coast May Be a Sign of Things to Come »

August 8, 2018

Stanford researcher Noah Diffenbaugh is commented on the difficulty of tornado research in connection to climate change

By Kendra Pierre-Louis, The New York Times

California is heading toward a future with more fires, more floods »

August 2, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on a future with more fires, floods and other extreme weather events.

By Shoshana Wodinsky, The Verge

Europe's all-time heat record could fall this weekend »

August 2, 2018

Study published by Noah Diffenbaugh is mentioned.

By Andrew Freedman, Axios

Searching for climate change fingerprints as wildfires only get worse »

August 2, 2018

Mentions Stanford earth system science professor Noah Diffenbaugh.

By Paul Huttner, MPR News

July was hottest month in Reno in 125 years of records »

August 1, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh is quoted on the rise in temperature as a link to global warming.

San Francisco Chronicle

Reno just baked through hottest month on record — get used to it »

August 1, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on the increase in temperatures and its connection to climate change.

By Benjamin Spillman, Reno Gazette Journal

Climate change is causing worse fires across the world: 11 wildfires are burning the Article Circle now »

July 31, 2018

As we see more severe heat and rainfall events, Noah Diffenbaugh discusses global warming's role in this event.

India Today

Carr fire: California wildfires will only get worse in the future because of climate change, experts say »

July 31, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh is quoted on the California wildfires and global climate change.

By Emily Shugerman, Independent

Global heat, fires and floods: How much did climate change fuel that hellish July? »

July 31, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on climate changing making extreme weather events more frequent and even more severe.

By Doyle Rice, USA Today

California's Devastating Carr Fire Is Now at Least 89,000 Acres, With Five Dead and More Missing »

July 29, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the link between extreme weather events that have caused the California wildfires and climat

By Tom McKay, Gizmodo

Watch as California’s devastating Carr fire explodes, sending a giant smoke cloud soaring into the atmosphere »

July 27, 2018

Quotes Noah Diffenbaugh on global warming and the rise of extreme weather events.

By Tom Yulsman, Discover Magazine

Science says record heat, fires worsened by climate change »

July 27, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh is mentioned.

By Seth Borenstein and Frank Jordans, ABC-7

Heat waves can create stormy economic weather »

July 25, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses how "not every record heat event is influenced by global warming, but we’re getting close to

By Dennis Romero, NBC News

Economy to be a casualty as more severe weather expected in Southeast Asia »

July 23, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh voices concern over extreme weather events and their ability to become more common even if countries m

By Asia News Network, The Nation

Climate change has come to your neighborhood, and the sizzle may never subside »

July 18, 2018

As severe heat in frequency and intensity continues to become a more common occurrence, researchers like Noah Diffenbaugh

By Steve Lopez, Los Angeles Times

One Planet: Heatwaves and climate change »

July 16, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses climate change and its connection to the growing number of heat waves in the United States a

By Rose Aguilar & Malihe Razazan, KALW

Go deeper: "Human fingerprint" on California's blistering heat wave »

July 9, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh's study on climate change and severe weather events is mentioned.

By Andrew Freedman, Axios

As Storms Worsen, Many Coastal States Aren't Prepared »

June 1, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on the frequency of extreme weather events as we head into June, the month of the Atlantic hu

By Elizabeth Daigneau, Governing

The 'new normal'? Sierra snow drought endures despite 'miracle' March »

April 16, 2018

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses some of the biggest questions surrounding climate change.

By Benjamin Spillman, Reno Gazette Journal