Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment


Climate Change: Why Indonesia's Forests are Crucial to Emission Curbs »

December 3, 2015

Senior Woods Fellow Lisa Curran (Environmental Anthropoligy) states that there's no quick fix to illegal fires being set in Indonesia.

By Michael Holtz, Christian Science Monitor

Our Taste for Cheap Palm Oil Is Killing Chimpanzees »

July 11, 2014

Quotes Woods Senior Fellow Lisa Curran, professor of environmental anthropology, on the effects of palm oil plantations on the environment

By Carrie Arnold, The Daily Beast

Palm Oil Proving Unhealthy for People, Environment »

December 13, 2013

Refers to study led by Woods Senior Fellow Lisa Curran that found cutting down palm-oil plantations would add significant amounts of CO2 to the atmosphere

By Joel Brinkley, San Francisco Chronicle

Looking at Oil Palm’s Genome for Keys to Productivity »

July 24, 2013

Senior Fellow Lisa Curran weighs in on the growing pressure to convert more land to grow oil palms.

By Carl Zimmer, The New York Times