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Past Media Coverage: 2018

Great whites swim for MONTHS to dine at ‘secret shark cafe’ in Pacific Ocean »

September 18, 2018

A study lead by principal scientist Dr Barbara Block looks into the migration of Great White Sharks on a regularly visited location.

By Ciaran McGrath, Express

Great whites have a ‘secret shark cafe’ in the Pacific Ocean »

September 18, 2018

Mentions study by Barbara Block.

By Sean Keach, New York Post

Governors And Mayors Pledge More Emissions Cuts To Fight Climate Change »

September 14, 2018

Chris Field comments on emissions pledge.

By Lauren Sommer, NPR

Some Amazing Renewable Energy Ideas For The Future »

September 4, 2018

Mark Jacobson's study on 100% renewable energy is mentioned.

By Harshit Satyaseel, Tech Notification

El Niño fears grow as starving baby birds wash up on California beaches »

September 4, 2018

Chris Field discusses the possibility of more occurrences of El Ninos as starving baby seabirds wash up on Northern California beaches.

By Peter Fimrite, San Francisco Chronicle

More children die indirectly from armed conflict in Africa than real fighting: study »

September 2, 2018

In a recent study co-authored by Marshall Burke reveals that the indirect toll of armed conflicted in Africa plays a roll in infant mortality rates.

By CGTN Africa, CGTN Africa

California lawmakers ratify new efforts at wildfire prevention and assessing who's responsible »

September 1, 2018

Michael Wara is quoted on the challenge of wildfire prevention reform.

By John Myer, Los Angeles Times

Crop losses to pests will soar as climate warms, study warns »

August 30, 2018

Rosamond Naylor comments on how climate change can play a role in the rise of pests and destruction of crops.

By Damian Carrington, The Guardian

Global warming could spur more and hungrier crop-eating bugs »

August 30, 2018

Chris Field comments on a new study suggesting a harsher climate will increase crop destruction by insects.

By Seth Borenstein, The Seattle Times

Help to shape policy with your science »

August 28, 2018

Katharine Mach is one of many scientists now helping decision-makers shape policy in the field of science.

By Julia Rosen, Nature

Race to 100% clean electricity clears high hurdle »

August 28, 2018

EE News quotes Michael Wara on the California State assembly passing S.B. 100.

By Anne C. Mulkern, EE News

Women’s Equality Week Q&A with Newsha Ajami  »

August 25, 2018

Newsha Ajami is featured in The Bridge as a "prominent female figure in science and science policy."

By Timia Crisp, The Bridge

University of Michigan Sets Ambitious Goal to Pull Carbon From Air »

August 20, 2018

Katharine Mach discusses how Michigan's ambitious 2030 goal of carbon removal as "the exact kind of ambition we need on the climate issue."

By Bobby Magill, BNA

Amid fires and hurricanes, price of climate change begins to hit home »

August 16, 2018

Michael Wara discusses the public perception of climate change as it starts to take a more personal hit with the wildfires in California.

By Laurent Belsie, The Christian Science Monitor

Climate change has doubled the frequency of ocean heatwaves »

August 15, 2018

A new study that looks into ocean heatwaves as climate change is on the rise, shows us that extreme weather events "can happen in the ocean as on land,” says Noah Diffenbaugh, a climatologist at Stanford University in California.

By Jeff Tollefson, Nature

Renewable alternatives are the future of energy in Minnesota »

August 9, 2018

Mark Jacobson is mentioned

By Linda Larson, SC Times

2018 Is Shaping Up to Be the Fourth-Hottest Year. Yet We’re Still Not Prepared for Global Warming. »

August 9, 2018

Katharine Mach talks climate change and how attention and perspective over it has shifted.

By Somini Sengupta, The New York Times

Cities in the face of drought »

August 8, 2018

Newsha Ajami comments on the importance of clean water and the need for cities to update their urban water infrastructure.

By Ashley Kirk, The Telegraph

Tornadoes on the East Coast May Be a Sign of Things to Come »

August 8, 2018

Stanford researcher Noah Diffenbaugh is commented on the difficulty of tornado research in connection to climate change.

By Kendra Pierre-Louis, The New York Times