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Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Past Media Coverage: 2017

How We Know It Was Climate Change »

December 29, 2017

Noah Diffenbaugh discusses how climate is the key factor to environmental weather disasters and how we came to this conclusion.

By Noah S. Diffenbaugh, The New York Times

Coverage: Biomonitoring of marine vertebrates in Monterey Bay using eDNA metabarcoding »

December 15, 2017

As ocean animals swim past, they leave behind DNA. Now, scientists have shown these genetic clues can be used as forensic markers to accurately and easily survey marine life in complex deep-water environments.

Fururity, Phys Org, The Scientist

Calif. city with water on 3 sides faces grim future »

December 14, 2017

Katharine Mach discusses "the unevenness of climate change impacts" as sea levels risen and hit Imperial Beach, California.

By Anne C. Mulkern, Climate Wire

Rescued radar maps reveal Antarctica's past »

December 13, 2017

Dustin Schroeder leads a team of scientist to digitize and analyze hundreds or reels of scientific data collected from Antarctica that could map its history.

By Alexandra Witze, Nature International Journal of Science

Paris begins to snatch US environmental researchers »

December 12, 2017

Stanford's own Nuria Teixido is amount the 18 scientist who have been recruited to work for France in their Make Our Planet Great Again program.

By NEONLINE | IR, New Europe

More frequent fires reduce soil carbon and fertility, slowing the regrowth of plants »

December 12, 2017

Adam Pellegrini and Rob Jackson author a study looking into the amount of carbon and nitrogen that has been reduced in the savanna grasslands and broadleaf forests during frequent fires over the last decade.

By Sarah Derouin, Phys Org

Why High-Energy Batteries Fail and Start Fires »

December 12, 2017

Scientists from Stanford University and the Department of Energy’s SLAC National Accelerator Laboratory have captured the first atomic-level images of finger-like growths, called dendrites that pierce the barrier between battery...

By Stephen Mraz, Machine Design

French president’s climate talent search nabs 18 foreign scientists »

December 11, 2017

Visiting scientist at Stanford University's Hopkins Marine Station, Nuria Teixido was recently recruited into Macron’s Make Our Planet Great Again initiative lead by France.

By Elisabeth Pain, Science Mag

A Water Right for the Environment »

December 10, 2017

Leon Szeptycki and Barton "Buzz" Thompson co author a blog entry discuss environmental water rights.

By Brian Gray, Leon Szeptycki, and Barton “Buzz” Thompson, California Water Blog

Analysts Concerned Corporations Gaming Corrupt Cap and Trade system—Wrong Concern »

December 7, 2017

Michael Wara is quoted on the cap-and-trade program.

By Stephen Frank, California Political Review

Coverage: Physical trade-offs shape the evolution of buoyancy control in sharks »

December 5, 2017

A new study co-authored by Jeremy Goldbogen assesses the body composition of 32 shark species, looking at how buoyancy control is affected by their envirionment.

Science Daily, New Atals, Laboratory Equipment

Analysts Worry Calif. Climate Change Program Is Doing Too Well »

December 5, 2017

Michael Wara comments on an unexpected outcome of the successful California cap-and-trade program.

By Ben Bradford, Capital Public Radio

65 years on from the Great Smog nothing has changed. We're still choking. »

December 5, 2017

Mark Jacobson study on shifting to renewable energy and its benefits are mentioned.

By Andrew Simms, The Guardian

Coverage: California droughts and their connection to Arctic ice loss  »

December 5, 2017

Noah Diffenbaugh comments on new researching diving into the connection between drought in California and the loss of sea ice.

The Mercury News, Los Angeles Times, San Francisco Chronicle

Surge of Carbon Pricing Proposals Coming in the New Year »

December 4, 2017

Michael Wara comments on the possibility for stricter carbon fees or cap-and-trade programs.

By James Temple, MIT Technology Review

Harvard Doctor Launches #QuoteHer Campaign To Amplify Female Physicians In Healthcare Journalism »

November 30, 2017

Michele Barry comments on the need to increase the number of women in powerful positions within companies.

Girl Talk HQ

Supreme Court won’t hear California water agencies’ appeal in tribe's groundwater case »

November 27, 2017

Leon Szeptycki comments on recent victory of groundwater rights to the Cahuilla Indians tribe of the West.

By Ian James, Desert Sun

Local Management Plans May Not Protect California Groundwater from Climate Change Risk »

November 27, 2017

As local agencies in California are creating plans to "ensure the sustainability of groundwater basins", water experts like Tara Moran are concerned that the inclusion of climate change as a factor within these layouts.

By Union of Concerned Scientists, Yuba Net

Stanford researchers believe farming likely to impact greenhouse gas emissions »

November 25, 2017

Scott Fendorf's new study looks into the connection between farming and greenhouse gas emissions.

By Zhou Xin, Xinhua Net

'Huge and unexpected drop' in California's 2016 carbon emissions »

November 25, 2017

Michael Wara Is quotes on California's 2016 drop in carbon emission.

By Emily Guerin, KPCC