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Media Coverage: Freshwater

Toxic Trap: Groundwater Overpumping Boosts Arsenic in California Aquifer »

June 14, 2018

Study by Rosemary Knight is mentioned.

By Tara Lohan, Water Deeply

Too much pumping gets arsenic into drinking water »

June 6, 2018

study co-authored by Scott Fendorf is mentioned.

By Josie Garthwaite, Fururity

Overpumping of Central Valley groundwater has side effect: too much arsenic »

June 5, 2018

Scott Fendorf co-authors study looking into the heavy use of groundwater to nourish farmers in Central Valley.

By Kurtis Alexander, San Francisco Chronicle

Water Crisis in the West »

May 11, 2018

Buzz Thompson is quoted on the water issues in the West.

By Rachel Kaufman, CQ Researcher

California Considers Charge on Utility Bills to Create Safe Water Fund »

May 8, 2018

Newsha Ajami makes comparisons to the water and energy sectors in relation to a new bill in California looking to raise funding for water treatment.

By Tess Townsend, News Deeply

Innovative Methodology of Using Water Microdroplets to Produce Gold Nanoparticles »

April 23, 2018

A new study lead by Richard Zare is mentioned that has inadvertently created a "new methodology for producing gold nanoparticles and nanowires with the help of water droplets."


Nonprofit Sues Zinke, Agency, Over California Pipeline Letter »

April 4, 2018

Newsha Ajami discusses the viability of a construction of a water pipeline near a national monument in California.

By Brad Kutner, Courthouse News Services

Californians are back to using about as much water as before the drought »

April 2, 2018

Newsha Ajami voices her opinions on the rise of water use by Californians after the call off of the drought emergency a year ago.

By Emily Guerin, KPCC

Montana Water Summit dives deep on environmental and legal issues »

March 6, 2018

Leon Szeptycki discusses water security and climate change.

By Thomas Plunk & Tom Kuglin, Independent Record

Despite Rain, California Still Headed Into Another Drought »

March 5, 2018

In spite of the recent downpours, experts like Newsha Ajami argue that we are still are on route to another drought.

By Kristin Lam, San Jose Inside

Solving The Aging Infrastructure Problem  »

February 7, 2018

A 'living map' created by Newsha Ajami showcasing case studies of successful water financing efforts could help communities time when looking into infrastructure repairs.

By Alanna Maya, Water World

Fact-Checking Matt Damon's Clean Water Promise In A Super Bowl Ad »

February 2, 2018

Jenna Davis comments on Water Credit, a micro lending system ran by actor Matt Damon's nonprofit organization

By Malaka Gharib, NPR

New state ballot measure would reward people who build rainwater collection systems »

February 1, 2018

Newsha Ajami comments on California's prop 72.

By Paul Rogers, Mercury News

California ballot measure could boost rainwater collection »

February 1, 2018

Newsha Ajami comments on California's Proposition 72.

By Paul Rogers, VC Star

Could a major California city run dry like drought-stricken Cape Town? »

January 24, 2018

Leon Szeptycki voices his opinion on the water crisis in Cape Town and the likelihood of it happening in California.

By John Woolfolk, The Mercury News

In an age when freshwater supplies are under pressure from a growing human population, the alchemic act of turning seawater into drinking water is enormously appealing. »

January 18, 2018

Newsha Ajami comments on the issue of producing cheaper and safer water for California.

By Alastair Bland, Sacramento News & Review

Jenna Davis on Why Policy Reform Can Do More for Clean Water Access Than Technology »

January 2, 2018

Higgins-Magid Senior Fellow Jenna Davis explains why cleaning up water sources could have measurable impacts on the economy of cities and countries.

By Alex Rogala, World Resources Institute

A Water Right for the Environment »

December 10, 2017

Leon Szeptycki and Barton "Buzz" Thompson co author a blog entry discuss environmental water rights.

By Brian Gray, Leon Szeptycki, and Barton “Buzz” Thompson, California Water Blog

Supreme Court won’t hear California water agencies’ appeal in tribe's groundwater case »

November 27, 2017

Leon Szeptycki comments on recent victory of groundwater rights to the Cahuilla Indians tribe of the West.

By Ian James, Desert Sun