Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment

Media Coverage: Ecosystem Services and Conservation

Stanford and Monterey Bay Aquarium Researchers Go Deep to Study White Shark Population »

February 20, 2018

Barbara Block new study on White shark population.

By Joe Rosato Jr, NBC Bay Area

Proper Governance Needed To Protect Multi-Million Mpas »

February 20, 2018

Study by Natural Capital Project is mentioned.

By Neil Haertnell, Tribune

Can virtual reality help us understand our climate reality? »

February 19, 2018

Jeremy Bailenson comments on the possible capabilities of VR in helping people "generate the urgency required to prevent environmental calamity."

By Heather Millar, Green Biz

Study finds complicated efficacy of supply chain sustainability measures »

February 15, 2018

Eric Lambin new research is mentioned.

By Ada Statler, Stanford Daily

Study: Corporate sustainable supply chain work guilty of 'limited reach' »

February 12, 2018

Eric Lambin co-authors study looking into the reality of companies efforts to apply sustainability practices across their supply chains.

By Business Green staff, Business Green

How Virtual Reality Affects Actual Reality »

February 11, 2018

Jeremy Bailenson and his new book on the benefits of VR are mentioned.

By Simon Worrall, National Geographic

At Your Service: Harnessing Virtual Reality for Everything From Empathy to Football »

February 9, 2018

Jeremy Bailenson is mentioned in relation to his work with VR.

By Hope Reese, Undark

Humans force Earth into its sixth major extinction »

February 6, 2018

Rodolfo Dirzo comments on the mass decline of invertebrate populations.

By James Hoodecheck, Willamette University Collegian

How VR Is Good For Us, And Can Maybe Even Help Heal The Racial Divide »

February 5, 2018

Jeremy Bailenson discusses how VR can be used to connect people to environmental issues and beyond.

By Daniel Terdiman, Fast Company

Zero-deforestation pledges need help, support to meet targets, new study finds »

February 1, 2018

Eric Lambin suggests a stronger commitment by companies for a stronger zero deforestation pledge.

By John Cannon, Mongabay

Our oceans are in crisis. Here’s how technology could save them »

January 11, 2018

Jim Leape discusses the advancements in technology that will help give us new insights regarding the ocean.

By Jim Leape, World Economic Forum

Lionfish-killing contests help control them, study claims »

January 10, 2018

Stephanie Green leads a study looking into the effectiveness of Lionfish-killing contests in relation to population control.

By David Fleshler, Sun Sentinel

Stanford team lauds Woolworths Farming for the Future programme »

January 10, 2018

Eric Lambin helps co-author study looking into one retailers environmental initiatives.

By Dave Chambers, Business Day

Minutes To Midnight: The Spectre Of Catastrophe w/ Paul Ehrlich »

January 8, 2018

Paul Ehrlich discusses the loss of biodiversity.

By Last Born In The Wilderness, PlayerFM

Calif. city with water on 3 sides faces grim future »

December 14, 2017

Katharine Mach discusses "the unevenness of climate change impacts" as sea levels risen and hit Imperial Beach, California.

By Anne C. Mulkern, Climate Wire

Rescued radar maps reveal Antarctica's past »

December 13, 2017

Dustin Schroeder leads a team of scientist to digitize and analyze hundreds or reels of scientific data collected from Antarctica that could map its history.

By Alexandra Witze, Nature International Journal of Science

Paris begins to snatch US environmental researchers »

December 12, 2017

Stanford's own Nuria Teixido is amount the 18 scientist who have been recruited to work for France in their Make Our Planet Great Again program.

By NEONLINE | IR, New Europe

More frequent fires reduce soil carbon and fertility, slowing the regrowth of plants »

December 12, 2017

Adam Pellegrini and Rob Jackson author a study looking into the amount of carbon and nitrogen that has been reduced in the savanna grasslands and broadleaf forests during frequent fires over the last decade.

By Sarah Derouin, Phys Org

A Water Right for the Environment »

December 10, 2017

Leon Szeptycki and Barton "Buzz" Thompson co author a blog entry discuss environmental water rights.

By Brian Gray, Leon Szeptycki, and Barton “Buzz” Thompson, California Water Blog

Analysts Worry Calif. Climate Change Program Is Doing Too Well »

December 5, 2017

Michael Wara comments on an unexpected outcome of the successful California cap-and-trade program.

By Ben Bradford, Capital Public Radio