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A Monster El Niño Could Bring Relief and Misery to California »

September 2, 2015

Stanford doctoral student Daniel Swain (Environmental Earth System Science), a 2013 Rising Environmental Leadership Program fellow, discusses the implications of a record-strength El Niño.

By Daniel Swain, KQED

The Invisible Ocean Threat That Ripples Through the Food Chain »

August 31, 2015

Senior Woods Fellow Stephen Palumbi (Biology) discusses the critical role that corals play and how ocean acidification puts them at risk. 

PBS Newshour

How Many Fish in the Sea? Genetic Testing Could Answer That »

August 31, 2015

Woods postdoctoral scholar Jesse Port explains how he uses DNA testing to reveal which organisms have been in the Monterey Bay.

By Lauren Sommer, KQED

Lyme-like Disease Bacteria Found in Peninsula »

August 27, 2015

Discusses a recent study led by Dan Salkeld, a research scientist at Colorado State University and former lecturer at Stanford, which found a surprising level of tick-borne disease risk on local trails. Salkeld started the research...

By Brendan P. Bartholomew, SF Examiner

Understanding the World Through Science »

August 25, 2015

Interview with Senior Woods Fellow Chris Field (Biology, Earth System Science) about scientific literacy in the age of climate change.

By Dave Boyce, The Almanac

What Would You Study About the Ocean? »

August 25, 2015

KQED Education profiles Senior Woods Fellow Stephen Palumbi (Biology) about his career path and passion for marine biology.

By Andrea Aust, KQED

California Climate Researchers Sound the Alarm at Symposium: ‘There’s No Way Out’ »

August 25, 2015

Senior Woods Fellow Noah Diffenbaugh discusses the connection between climate change and the California drought.

By Sandy Mazza, Los Angeles Daily News

High Risk of Tick-Borne Diseases on Bay Area Trails »

August 24, 2015

Discusses a new study co-authored by Senior Woods Fellow Eric Lambin on surprising levels of tick-borne disease in the Bay Area.

NBC Bay Area

These Researchers Want California to Be Global Advocate About Climate Change »

August 24, 2015

Quotes Woods Senior Fellow Elizabeth Hadly (Biology) about the importance of moving beyond advocacy and engaging in dialogue to effectively communicate about climate change outside of the ivory tower.

By Steve Scauzillo, San Gabriel Valley Tribune

Global Warming Worsened the California Drought, Scientists Say »

August 20, 2015

Woods Senior Fellow Noah Diffenbaugh (Earth System Science) calls the study “a step forward,” saying it was based on firm data showing “that temperature makes it harder for drought to break, and increases the long-term risk.”

By Darryl Fears, Washington Post

Climate Change Intensifies California Drought, Scientists Say »

August 20, 2015

Woods Senior Fellows David Lobell (Earth System Science) and Noah Diffenbaugh (Earth System Science) discuss the latest study on the connection between climate change and the California drought. 

By Justin Gillis, New York Times

Climate Cast: The Science Behind Methane Gas »

August 20, 2015

Woods Senior Fellow Robert Jackson (Earth System Science) explains methane's role as a greenhouse gas and discusses the new plan issued by the White House to cut methane emissions.

By Paul Huttner, MPR News

Quick-Thinking Employee Saves Dozens From Motel 6 Gas Explosion »

August 19, 2015

Woods Senior Fellow Robert Jackson (Earth System Science) comments on factors behind natural gas explosions

NBC Nightly News

EPA Moves to Cut Methane Leaks from Oil and Gas »

August 18, 2015

Woods Senior Fellow Robert Jackson (Earth System Science) discusses the importance of new rules meant to help combat climate change by curbing methane emissions from new hydraulically fractured crude oil wells and natural gas pipelines...

By Bobby Magill and Climate Central, Scientific American

What Are the Odds? Long, Most Likely »

August 14, 2015

Cites study on low risk of shark bites off California coast co-authored by Woods Senior Fellow Fiorenza Micheli

By Jo Craven McGinty, Wall Street Journal

Signs of a Historic El Niño, but Forecasters Remain Wary »

August 13, 2015

Stanford doctoral student Daniel Swain (Environmental Earth System Science), a 2013 Rising Environmental Leadership Program fellow, states that while El Niño has potential to bring a lot of water to California, it doesn't necessarily...

By John Schwartz, New York Times

U.S. Candidate to Run IPCC Says Rich Nations Must Help Steer the World Away From Coal »

August 13, 2015

Features interview with Woods Senior Fellow Chris Field (Biology, Earth System Science) who is in the running to head the world's premier scientific body on climate change.

By Gayathri Vaidyanathan, Environment and Energy News

Where Presidential Candidates Stand On Climate Change »

August 11, 2015

Woods Affiliate Jon Krosnick (Humanities and Sciences) discusses how the majority of Americans believe in climate change, and that according to his research, presidential candidates actually stand to gain by taking an environmentally...

By Lauren Leatherby, NPR

Concrete Oasis: Why Las Vegas Has Coped Well With Drought So Far »

August 8, 2015

Woods Co-Director and Senior Fellow Buzz Thompson states that Nevada has such a low allocation of the Colorado river because no one expected the city to be what it is today. 

The Economist

Estudiantes de Diseño Apoyaron a 35 Emprendedores de Osa »

August 7, 2015

Notes that local design students supported 35 projects of "Caminos de Osa", a sustainable tourism program in Costa Rica led by Stanford's Osa & Golfito Initiative and other organizations. 

By Fabiola Vargas, La Republica

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