Environmental Research, Educating Leaders, and Informing Public Policy 

More than 450 people filled the Hewlett Teaching Center's main auditorium on Oct. 21, 2009, to commemorate the fifth anniversary of the Woods Institute for the Environment. 

Co-Director Jeff Koseff welcomed the audience and introduced Stanford President John Hennessy, who delivered the keynote address. "This institute was launched to make a difference, to build on Stanford's strong foundation in environmental science and to help develop a world that will support sustainable development for future generations," Hennessy said, noting the "the remarkable range of what has been accomplished in five short years." 

Co-Director Buzz Thompson described many of those accomplishments in greater detail. Senior Fellow Lynn Orr then introduced fellows Gretchen Daily, Craig Criddle, Jenna Davis and Roz Naylor, who presented overviews about several innovative research projects sponsored by Woods.

Senior Fellow Pam Matson moderated a panel discussion on how science and policy innovations can be applied to solving environmental challenges. The panel featured Steve McCormick, president of the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation; Julie Packard, executive director of the Monterey Bay Aquarium; and Steve Sanderson, president and CEO of the Wildlife Conservation Society.

Following the panel discussion, visiting fellows from the Woods Institute's First Nations' Futures Program sang a traditional Maori song and presented gifts to the institute's directors and its founders, Ward and Priscilla Woods.