Learn more about recent public opinion research on communicating about climate adaptation in a webinar with Stanford Professor Jon Krosnick, a social psychologist and leading international authority on survey research methods and the psychology of attitudes, especially in the areas of politics and climate change. He will discuss results from survey work assessing the impact of word and messenger choices on preferences for policies designed to help the public adapt to and prepare for the effects of climate change. This project explored how different ways of talking about efforts to prepare for the possible effects of climate change led the public to be more or less favorable toward such efforts.

Based on a series of surveys conducted via telephone interviews from January through April 2013, the research assessed how the public responded to:

  • Sources of endorsement, or "messengers," for climate adaptation efforts
  • Stated goals of adaptation efforts
  • Specific climate change effects targeted in adaptation efforts
  • Specific words used to describe adaptation

Sponsored by the Center for Ocean Solutions and the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, this webinar will take place from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m., Pacific time. You must register in advance at http://bit.ly/1a805DI.

Jon Krosnick is a social psychologist at Stanford University who does research on attitude formation, change and effects on the psychology of political behavior and on survey research methods. To read reports on his research exploring public opinion on the environment, visit his website at Public Opinion on Climate Change or view the public opinion research page on the Stanford Woods Institute website.