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Opening remarks
Lynn Scarlett, Managing Director for Public Policy, The Nature Conservancy

Ann Bartuska, Deputy Under Secretary for Research, United States Department of Agriculture
Tom Dillon, Senior Vice President for Forests and Freshwater, World Wildlife Fund (WWF)
Michele Lemay, Natural Resources Lead Specialist, Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services Program, Inter-American Development Bank
Mary Ruckelshaus, Managing Director, Natural Capital Project; Consulting Professor, Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment
MODERATOR Steve Polasky, University of Minnesota, Department of Applied Economics and Institute on the Environment; Natural Capital Project

A panel of leading experts, including authors from a  Special Feature of the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences on "Nature as Capital," gathered to discuss key components of bringing natural capital considerations into mainstream decision making on issues such as agriculture, energy, infrastructure, urban planning, finance and national security. Speakers and panelists covered the latest advances in the science and practice of using ecosystem services to inform decisions. The discussion was organized to provide insights into how this information can best be used by government agencies, multilateral institutions, and the broader sustainable development community to structure and implement policies that are simultaneously sound from environmental and economic perspectives. Download an overview research brief based on the PNAS Special Feature here.

Topics addressed:
• What we currently know about the values of ecosystem services from interdisciplinary research;
• New and innovative tools to help policy makers and planners account for natural capital and ecosystem services;
• Lessons from use cases around the world in which natural capital understanding has successfully informed decisions;
• Examples of progress within the federal government and multilateral institutions and the identification of existing barriers;
• Means and mechanisms for governments to incentivize protection and discourage degradation of ecosystems and the services they provide to people.

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