Dr. Mike Biddle
President and Founder
MBA Polymers, Inc., USA

MBA Polymers

From humble garage shop R&D beginnings, MBA Polymers has grown to what is now the world’s leading multi-national company recovering plastics from end-of-life durable goods, such as computers, electronics, appliances and automobiles. MBA has over 300 million pounds/year of processing capacity in Europe, China and the US to turn waste into high performance plastics.  MBA works with some of the largest manufacturers in the world to close-the-loop by replacing virgin plastics with MBA plastics in their new products.  

In addition to Dr. Biddle’s awards (below), MBA was named one of the top 100 CleanTech companies in the world in both 2009 and 2010 and one of the top 5 CleanTech companies in Europe in 2009, by two different organizations.  MBA’s factories in Europe, China and the US have also won regional awards and praise. 

Dr. Biddle

Dr. Biddle started MBA Polymers about 20 years ago - literally from his garage in California.  In addition to leading the technology and business development, Mike raised over $150 million from private, VC, PE and strategic investors to fund the development and growth of MBA Polymers.

Mike worked for several large companies, namely GE, Cummins and Dow, before striking out on his own in 1992.  Mike received a B.S. in Chemical Engineering and a Ph.D. in Polymer Engineering, both with high honors.  He was also a Sloan Fellow at Stanford University (Executive MBA).

Recently, Mike was also named President of Waste Free Oceans (WFO) Americas. The WFO Foundation is a not-for-profit organisation working to raise awareness of the importance of reducing the volume of waste entering our oceans. It seeks to unite business, government and NGOs in defining collaborative solutions to tackling some of the major root causes of marine litter: poor waste management practices in ports and marinas, dumping by ships and vessels and consumer attitudes towards littering.

Mike has received numerous international awards. A few examples:  Mike won the prestigious 2012 Gothenburg Award for Sustainable Business, the 2010 Economist Innovation Award for Energy and the Environment, the 2006 Intel Tech Museum Award and was named a 2006 World Economic Forum Tech Pioneer.  Mike also won the first Thomas Alva Edison Award for Innovation and the first Ascent Award for Entrepreneurship

Mike’s TED talk has over 1 million views and hundreds of positive comments across the Internet, being hosted by over 50 different websites.

Mike was selected by SHFT.com as one of the “10 Innovators Changing the World” for their Big SHFT documentary program:  watch The BIG SHFT.

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