Science and Religion Sunday is an offshoot of the Clergy Letter Project, founded in 2004, after the Grantsburg, Wis., school board passed a series of anti-evolution policies. More information about the Clergy Letter Project can be found at

Stanford Woods Institute Senior Fellow William Durham is a human ecologist who focuses on indigenous resource management, human health, and conservation issues in the tropics. His current research efforts are focused on (1) why evolution matters today, in our efforts to save the planet, (2) environmental causes of emerging infectious diseases in the tropics, and (3) ecotourism as a means to promoting and sustaining pro-environmental behavior in Galapagos and the US. He is the Stanford Director of the Center for Responsible Travel (CREST).

William L. (Scotty) McLennan, Jr. is the Dean for Religious Life at Stanford. He was the University Chaplain at Tufts University from 1984-2000 and Senior Lecturer at the Harvard Business School for ten of those years. His duties at Stanford include providing spiritual, moral, and ethical leadership for the university as a whole, teaching, encouraging a wide spectrum of religious traditions on campus; serving as the minister of Memorial Church; and engaging in public service.

All are welcome to the service and the discussion lunch following the service in the Round Room at the rear of Memorial Church.