New U.S. Leadership, Next Steps on Climate Change

Discussion Papers

Adaptation, Carbon Sequestration, and Public Health

Climate Change 2016: Eight Ways the World has Changed Since the Last IPCC Report
Christopher B. Field, Stanford University
Katharine Mach, Carnegie Institution for Science
Paper (PDF)

Land Use and Climate Change: Recommendations for the Next U.S. President
David J. Hayes, Stanford University
Paper (PDF)

Climate Change and Health: Recommendations for the Next U.S. President
Katherine S. Burke, Stanford University
Diana Chapman Walsh, Stanford University
Michele Barry, Stanford University
Paper (PDF)

Clean Energy R&D and Financing

Aligned Innovations: Opportunity for a Sustainable and Secure Energy Future with no American Left Behind
Arun Majumdar, Stanford University
Paper (PDF)

The 2017 Inauguration: Empowering a Clean Energy Nation
Nancy E. Pfund, DBL Partners
Kristofer Holz, Yale University
Paper (PDF)

Setting the Climate Agenda for the Next President: Toward a More Effective Federal Clean Energy Toolkit
Dan Reicher, Stanford University
Paper (PDF)

Financing the Paris Commitments: The Urgent Need for Leadership
William K. Reilly, TPG Capital
Paper (PDF)

Recommendations for the Next President
George P. Shultz, Stanford University
Paper (PDF)

Regulatory, Risk and Market-Based Approaches

Addressing Climate Risk through Infrastructure Investment
Kate Gordon, Paulson Institute
Paper (PDF)

Energy Choices
Robert B. Jackson, Stanford University
Paper (PDF)

Energy Investing and Climate Change: Recommendations for the Next U.S. President
Jagdeep Singh Bachher, University of California
Amy Myers Jaffe, University of California, Davis
Paper (PDF)

Reforming and Modernizing the Electricity Sector

Competition as the Means to Building the Clean Power Platform
Reed Hundt, Coalition for Green Capital
Jill Bunting, Coalition for Green Capital
Paper (PDF)

Competition at the Grid Edge: A New Role for the Federal Government in Overseeing Competition Between Utilities and Distributed Energy Resources
Michael Wara, Stanford University
Paper (PDF)

DOE as a Catalyst for Innovative and Transformative Economic Regulation of the Bulk Power System?
Michael J. Gergen, Latham & Watkins
Paper (PDF)

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