Dialogue Overview

The purpose of this Uncommon Dialogue was to understand the links among climate change, climate extremes and the risk of disaster, and to identify research needs and policy recommendations that motivate and provide incentives for building resilience in an era of climate change.

Sharing perspectives were specialists in climate and climate adaptation, experts in disaster recovery and disaster risk reduction, and representatives from businesses, nongovernmental organizations and governments that can play a role in reducing disaster risk and building resilience. Participants were encouraged to consider knowledge gaps that need to be filled as well as policy options that might be considered.

The dialogue began with a framing talk on the state of scientific knowledge on climate change, climate extremes and disasters. Panel discussions focused on investments in preparation, response and recovery; the roles of the public and private sectors, universities and the media in preparing for extreme climate events; and disaster risks in California.

Next Steps

Toward the end of the day, participants identified a series of topics that warrant deeper investigation. See “Issues Identified for Additional Discussion” at the end of this document. We are now in the process of developing steps to pursue these issues.


We are indebted to the meeting participants who took time out of their busy schedules and provided their recommendations and knowledge during this all-day meeting. We extend our thanks to Bob Litterman, who generously sponsored this Uncommon Dialogue.

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