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Chris Field and Laurence Tubiana
Our Conversations series provides a forum for wide-ranging, informal discussions exploring the who, how and why of major developments in environmental science and policy. Save the date for upcoming conversations and catch up on past discussions.
The Environmental Forum brings global experts from within Stanford and other leading academic institutions, government, NGOs, foundations and business to inform the Stanford community about a broad range of environmental issues and solutions. The forum is open to Stanford faculty, graduate students...
Large Ship
The Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment, Hoover Institution and Woodrow Wilson Center convened a series of 2017 workshops and forums to highlight pressing challenges and risks to the world's coasts and U.S. security.
Stanford University's environmental and energy research institutes, the Stanford Woods Institute for the Environment and Stanford Precourt Institute for Energy, convened a series of panel sessions to highlight pressing environmental and energy challenges and risks that the Trump Administration will...